Impressions of rupert

So using bloglines, I subscribe to technorati and for the keywords “prince rupert” – which means that whenever anybody writes “prince rupert” on a blog post, it shows up on my bloglines subscription.

It’s kind of cool to get outsider’s perceptions on rupert, such as this one: … eID=100918

interesting… so apparently Prince Rupert is boring, yet relaxing. Well that comes as no surprise. He obviously has never been over to the queen charlottes… its like a completely different pace there.

Dude, Port Hardy isn’t on the Queen Charlotte Islands. What are you talking about?

Also, did you read the guy’s impressions of Port Hardy in the blog post?

So it sounds like he didn’t like Port Hardy at all…

I think it’s just a matter of what you’re looking for. If you wanna go fishing or hiking, or even play a little golf on a course that doesn’t cost half a week’s pay, then Rupert’s definitely a great place to go.

And you just can’t beat the seafood. Especially the salmon, halibut or crab!

Halibit is over rated. Its tasteless. The golf course is decent if it hasnt rained in a few days… and going on a fishing charter is half a months rent. Average charter price for the day is $700.

$700 is half a month’s rent? Woo, I’m glad I don’t live wherever you live.

Oh, and halibut has no taste? Just like you! Burn!

Funny that Halibut has no taste to you-it’s the only fish I can tolerate. I like it better than salmon.

I honestly don’t know how people can eat crab that is caught anywhere near Prince Rupert. Wait… I don’t know how people can eat crab, period.