I'm New

Actually, I’m not even in town yet, but I thought I would introduce myself.

Name’s Danny. And I’m currently living in the Coos Bay area of Oregon. I’ve been wanting to move to Canada for some time and I’m almost ready. I chose Prince Rupert
because once you’ve lived next to the ocean, it’s really hard to live anywhere else. Your town is about the same size as Coos Bay. And for some weird reason, I enjoy rain. :smile:

Spent the past 11 years in this area where I’ve worked as a caregiver for a quadraplegic man and an elderly lady. Kind of stumbled into caregiving by chance and found I had
a knack for it. I’m now in the process of looking for work in Prince Rupert. So if you know of anybody that needs an in-home caregiver, let me know.

I’m an avid cyclist too. You’ll be seeing me around town rain or shine. And enjoy about anything related to science.


extremejobs.ca/173105/prince … r-job.html

good luck with the move

Welcome! I’ve been here for a little over 3 years. I love it here!!


The Canadian job search engines have been giving me fits because of the way they use the word “caregiver”. In Canada, it’s also used for nannies and babysitters. While I adore children, I’d rather take care of the handicapped or elderly. I also enjoy fixing up their properties that tend to get run down over the years.

Any vegetarians out there? I became one 29 years ago and it was probably one of the best life decisions I ever made for myself. I’ve always got energy. Any vegetarian eateries around?

I understand that alcohol and drugs and depression are problems for Prince Rupert. Same here for Coos Bay. Must be related to seasonal affective disorder. Some folks can’t handle the dark and dreary coastal climates. I thrive in the stuff. Give me a good storm with angry ocean pounding the shoreline and rain going by sideways, I’m a happy camper. I like to write, so it’s also inspirational for me. Also do some photography and computer artwork.

Here’s my gallery. Click on the images to fullsize them. Many are suitable for wallpaper, so take what you want.

renderosity.com/mod/gallery/ … name=xexon


for homecare workers Northern Health is whom you would have to contact for they handle caregivers postings in the region, unless you want to be doing it on your own and welcome and enjoy your liquid sunshine :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I’m probing them even now.

I prefer to work through a system with some government oversight like I do here. It’s a state agency that oversees everything, but I’m paid as a private contractor through state and federal funds. It’s also union.

As for liquid sunshine…on the 8th day, God created Gore-Tex… :smile:


Just curious, but are you officially immigrating to Canada, or do you have citizenship or something like that?


Quite frankly, what’s happening in the US these days has triggered a flight response in me. I feel a need to leave. I can’t say Canada will be a full time home yet, but I would like to spend a few years here. Always been in love with this wild coastline. I grew up in Alabama and now despise hot weather. So heading south has no appeal to me anymore.

Once I do leave, I feel I’ll never see the US again. At least not in one piece.


Welcome to HTMF Danny. You should be able to find work with Northern Health. I have a friend, soon to retire, who gets called every day on her days off to work extra shifts.

Thanks, bro.

I check their posting often. They’re fixing to unleash a new version of ther website later this month so I’m biding my time.

Got to get my work permit next. Which would be made easier of I had the promise of a job first. I’m in no big hurry, but I would like to get up there before the weather cuts loose.


Welcome to our forum, DHCollins. I think you are wise to wait for the promise of a job. Not to be negative, but, there is quite a bit of unemployment in our town. Best of luck with your job hunting!

It’s the same all over. In fact, I originally came to Oregon in 1982 during that recession because people were moving out to find work elsewhere. My strange sense of logic told me there would just be more room for other people. :smile: I’ve been here almost 30 years. But I’m ready for something new.

If I have any saving grace, it’s that I have muliple skills to earn a living with. I’m not so proud that I can’t scrub toliets for a living if that’s what it takes to get my foot in the door somewhere. I’m not in debt and not very materialistic, so I don’t need to make much money to be happy. Surroundings are important though. Lived in Texas several times while working in the oil industry. Good money, but I hated the sunburnt landscape.

It don’t cost nothing to walk outside, breath fresh air and look at jaw dropping scenary. Can’t buy it at Walmart either.


Fairview management is looking for mature males to work with people with disabilities. Good luck!

Thanks for the tip. I’ve written them and we’ll see what happens.