Hi there, I can’t believe we’re all inside on a night like this.

Yeah, way to choose the nicest night of the month for all of us to be home posting!!!  The whole family went for a walk without me, 'cause I said I had obligations!

It’s nice here too but after doing the Cable Bay trail today (and almost having one of our dogs kill themselves out there), I’m happy enough to park and peck for a while.

Going for a drive up Mount Hays (spelled right) in a little while.

This weekend I’m happy to stay inside, having moved into a new place on friday.

Just feel like resting.

I used to live close to there, and would do that walk all the time.  I loved taking the dog(s) there.  Except over that little bridge over the skunk cabbage patch.  I would always leash the dogs at that point…

LOL-that reminds me, down here at Mt. Hayes they are building a huge natural gas tank facility of some sort…my husband came home to see the mailout from Terasun Gas and was all happy for Rupert for a few seconds then realised that it was our Hayes, not your Hays. LOL!

Going to see car races tomorrow.  Local track

What kind of Car races?

Our big boy decided to walk out onto a log boom…next thing he knew, he was in the chuck and unable to get back up on the log. Thankfully his sister was standing onshore watching anxiously or my husband might not have spotted him and got out there to help him back up and onto shore.

I can see the draw to watching car races, but I just think they’re ridiculous, I mean really, what a waste of fuel!!

People just watch them for the crashes.

Oh man!  Scary!  I’m sure the sea lions would have helped him out though…

I went there once a long time ago with my dad, and he started scooping up the oysters right off the beach and eating them…  Brave man… it’s right next to HARMAC!  Imagine the crap in those oysters!

But they’re so fun Princess, hearing the rumble of the engines, and the screeching of tires, and smelling the burning rubber. Okay, I better stop, I’m starting to get jelous of big thumb

Oh, I know, there’s the whole adrenaline thing, and testosterone and whatever, but still, I would think that after seeing the races a couple of times, one would get over it.

The tide was coming in and the weird brown water that at the front of the rising tide made me more than a little dubious about the water quality there. Yech!!!

Nah, because every time it’s different, every time there’s different cars.

I miss going. Add to it that the races that my family would go to, we would stay and camp with all of the racers, which was always a really good time.

Are all the new houses built there now?

I was reading the other day where NASCAR is a direct descendent of the moonshine business…kind of explains the peculiar love it it in the deep south, eh??