Im baaaack

:astonished: i know…where the hell have i been, right???

the answer: not really sure

but im back now!!!

so whats new with everyone??? and does anyone even remember me???


are you bucky off canadian idol?

Yay! Bucky’s back.  So did you finish high school yet?

i WISH!!!

my bro just graduated…i still have two years of hell to endure :neutral_face:

but some of the incoming freshmen are cute…and younger boys always want to date older girls :imp:

**In my experience the opposite is true.  We tend to go for the younger girls because they…well, various reasons.  **  <–Whoops, I must have hit modify rather than quote.  Sorry! 


Who??? :neutral_face:

who what???


Bucky dun gun.

My tummy hurts. I ate too much salad and it’s killing my stomach. Do you have any suggestions on making it better?

go potty…tee hee hee :unamused: