Ignorant city dump truck driver

The city crews had 800-900 blocks of 3rd Avenue blocked this morning for snow removal…that’s a good thing!  I came back from lunch today and seeing cars parked on 3rd I turned right off 7th onto 3rd.  I signaled to turn left on Fraser (by Overwaitea) and a city dump truck backed up and blocked me.  Okay, I figured Fraser was closed so was going to turn right on 8th towards 2nd Avenue.  As I started to make the turn he pulled forward and blocked me again!!  We both sat for a few minutes and I had to get to work so got out and went up to him.  Before I could say anything, he yelled “the f…ing road is closed, can’t you see?”  I tried to say that I saw vehicles parked, etc and he repeated his comment!  I said I wanted to get off the road, he said I could if I left right now!  He backed up just enough for me to turn right.  I was going slow and another city worker came over and asked if I was okay, that the jerk in the truck was always doing stuff like this.  I got the guys name and will be making a complaint.

Other than being pissed off, I’m fine; but wonder if this had happened to an elderly person, a new driver, or someone with a very ‘short fuse’ things may have turned out differently.

The snow removal should be done at night, I don’t know they are out during the day trying to do this.

very true…

Simple…costs.  They don’t have to pay overtime during the day.

Oh, and as a taxpayer…I don’t mind a little inconvenience to save that kind of money!

I think that it’s not just an inconvenience but also a lack of common sense.  There has to be a better way than blocking off roadways in the middle of the day and diverting traffic down crowded and snow-filled side streets.  Besides, I don’t believe that the savings would be that much.  During the day, having to fight with the traffic, I don’t think the crews would get half as much accomplished as if they did it during the night when the streets are empty.  Where is the better bang for your buck?

This is Prince Rupert…not Vancouver.  There really isnt much traffic. 

Overtime costs DOUBLE! 

they wont do much, they might take away his brand new shovel for a week or two

I am just glad they cleaned that dam snow up…  How much traffic is there in Rupert?

I would have been that person with the short fuse :smiley:
When a city worker behaves that way, it certainly doesn’t make the city look good.

Unfortunately most people know nothing about communication and only know how to react with anger. I think it was pretty ignorant the way that fellow conducted himself and if he is like that with his job imagine what he is like in his own life.
You are doing the correct thing by making a complaint and I agree with you what if it had been an elderly person or someone who just did not clue in to what was going on? what would his next step have been, get out of the dump truck and clock someone? that type of agressino is not needed and he could have gotten his point across in a much more adult and polite manner.
And if he was having a bad day so what, lots of us do but you can’t go taking it out on innocent people.
Good luck :smile:

If we’re going to have a thread about someone being ignorant, HOW ABOUT WE NOT POST IT IN ALL CAPS? 


The fact is…the road was closed.  It was closed for public and worker safety.  Have any of you seen those signs on the highway stating that traffic fines are double in work zones?  They are there for a reason:  Public and worker safety.  The driver of the truck was definitely in the wrong and reacted badly and I am not condoning his actions but  there never would have been any incident if the driver of the car had obeyed the signs and barricades.  :neutral_face:

Ok, you tell me what makes more sense.

Clearing snow during the day while having to work around parked cars, pedestrians and …yes… traffic. Or…

Clearing the snow at night while the streets are empty.  There would be very few parked cars and little vehicle or pedestrain traffic.

If the snow was cleared in the evening I’m sure that 2-3 times as much clearing could have been accomplished.  Instead workers and residents had to struggle with one another with workers trying to get their work done and people trying to get to where they had to go. 

Overtime costs double?  Depending on how the CUPE collective agreement is desinged it could just be time and a half.  Paying time and a half or even double time to get twice the work done is a pretty reasonable option if you ask me.

Of course Prince Rupert traffic isn’t like Vancouver traffic but we do have traffic nonetheless.  Enough to cause some congestion problems in a situation such as this.  Have you ever tried to get a parking spot downtown in the middle of the day?  Well remove a block or two of available parking for a couple of days and we end up having an even more difficult time trying to park close to our destination.  Tough on workers, tough on residents and tough on retailers.

It gives you a situation like this thread is about.  A worker lashing out at a resident over some confusion on which part of the road wad closed. 

I agree with you bonecracker, as long as it has been done. it’s sall good.

I also agree that if it was done in the evening 2x more clearing could have been accomplished at 2x the rate.

anyways, I don’t know about some people but I am very thankful that the city has spent some of the little money we have to make life easier for us.

I have been walking around non-stop since the snow hit and it is very hard.
I am just fortunate that I have $200 winter hikers to battle the conditions.

Yeah it’s Prince Rupert, this type of weather is once in a blue moon (meaning like every 10 - 20 years) and when it hits it comes with a force.

Anyways, the conditions on the street & sidewalks have improved massively and I’m grateful, I think all of us should be grateful too.

I’m just trying not to be a “slow walker”

hehehe :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s wrong with you guys?

LOL road closed? do drive there, he blocks it don’t try to go around him, he’s gonna tell you to something you don’t want to hear.

is that wrong? probably but w/e he blocked it and you still tried to go around either way it’s ABD and you can be sour about it or just be forget it, we got a white christmas, we get sun in summer people complain of too much heat, it rains, and the town sucks cause we didn’t see sun for two weeks.

one problem is people are just never happy with what we got.  I saw people struggle driving, others had no problem, we all got to where we were going and a lot of us enjoyed the weather, no hill went untouched when the snow dumped on us. 

      “don’t worry, be happy” hahahahaahah

oh yea, i’m totally a slow walker, when I see you i’ll start creepin across i’ll even stop and look at the ground like I dropped something.

One winter morning at breakfast a couple was listening to the radio. They heard the announcer say, "We are going to have 8-10 inches of snow today. You must park your car on the even-numbered side of the street, so the snowplow can get through."
The wife went out and moved her car.

A week later while they are eating breakfast, the radio announcer said, “We are expecting 10-12 inches of snow today, you will need to move your car to the odd-numbered side of the street so the snowplow can get through.” So the wife went out and moved her car again.

The next week, while they were eating breakfast, the radio announcer said, “We are expecting 12-14 inches of snow today and you must park…” Then the power went off! The wife was very upset. With a worried look on her face she said, “Honey, I don’t know what to do. Which side of the street am I supposed to park on?”

With the love and understanding in his voice that all men who are married to blondes exhibit, her husband said, “Why don’t you just leave it in the garage this time.”