Iggy pop


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It’s weird when you post, it plays both of them…

Besides, did you move to the Mt. Baldy Zen monastery
in northern California? I didn’t think they had the internets there.

REal Wild Child is the shittiest Iggy Pop ever. Discuss.

Iggy Pop is shitty in general.

Go back to the monastery, dude, come back when you can get those backup singers swaying again.

If Iggy Pop is shitty, then what’s not shitty? You know the “arguing about music on the internet” rule. You can’t put down an artist without offering a better alternative.


Hah, my dad still has his Iggy Pop t-shirt from the '77 Idiot World Tour.

DIANE: You’re not getting any younger, Mark. The world is changing, music is changing, even drugs are changing. You can’t stay in here all day dreaming about heroin and Ziggy Pop.

RENTON: It’s Iggy Pop.

DIANE: Whatever. I mean, the guy’s dead anyway.

RENTON: Iggy Pop is not dead. He toured last year. Tommy went to see him.

Mr pop is god…he has what .1% fat on his body, man i wich i was that ripped. and he’s pushing 60. i will be pushing daisey’s before Im 60…lol