Being all non-tech, I hope someone will understand what I’m getting at here.

The hard drives I have bought in the past have been IDE, and I was wondering if I can only use IDE drives, or if it’s possible to use SATA2 drives with some kind of different cable, or adapter or something.

There’s a sweet deal on a 500GB hard drive right now, but it’s SATA2, and I don’t know if I can use it.

I have an Asus A7V (I think that’s what I remember) AMD Athlon 1.2GHz, with 512MB of RAM.  SUPER SPEEDY BABY! :laughing:    It was top notch… back in 2000.

Oh yeah, and when I get a new hard drive, I’ll need someone to install it for me, along with a USB2 card, and a dvd drive.  Anyone wanna help me out?

You can buy and use that drive but you will have to buy the power adapter ( if not it might come in the hard drive box ) and a sata  card. The cards are cheap too. and if you have lots of pci cards in that machine you migh thave lots of ( none ) luck getting it working as i believe that the asus a7v 2nd pci slot from the agp port has conflict’s.

Id try it thou… See what ya have / can get.

I don’t want to buy extra stuff and have it not work for me.  Maybe I’ll just buy an IDE drive instead.

sounds like you need a complete upgrade… and from my experience… once you upgrade your system once, and then again… and again, you may as well buy a new system. :confused:

SmartAss It should work no problem just getting the card and the price… 

Did you look on tigerdirect for the parts ?


I wanted better FPS in CS:S, so I bought an AIW X800 XT as the very last and final upgrade for this machine before building a new one… Sadly, it did almost nothing since HL2 is CPU dependant, so I ordered a VSTA-DUAL board and Conroe, which is still weird to me. I’m now running an AGP video card with a modern day dual-core CPU and old DDR 333Mhz RAM… The major bonus is the board also supports SATA, DDR2 and PCI-E, so I can continue to upgrade instead of buying all new stuff, as I had previously planned. CS:S runs at 70-140FPS at max LCD native res with HDR, AA and AF maxed… A great improvement from 20-40fps with NO DETAIL. Sadly, with my PS3 coming in less than a month I wont be using htis nearly as much as I would have.

Tiger Direct has ok prices, if you dont mind waiting 2 weeks for your order to arrive, plus all that mail in rebate crap is rediculous in order to get they’re “best” price… since that takes another month to complete.  Their service isnt up to par either.  Stick with NCIX.

Also it looks like you need PCI “E” to run a sata2 controller card.  However you can run regular sata with a sata controller that works with PCI… Kaien Printer Essentials should still have one sitting on the shelf… At least there was one there when I left.

Who is Kaien Printer Essentials ?

and tiger direct is great we get all the stuff for our work and it takes 3 days… Maybe for prince rupert to get stuff but were in victoria and it’s fast.


NCIX > Tigerdirect