Which is better, for several offices to communicate easily and cheaply? Or are there others to consider? Some Macs, some Windows (ranging from 95 to XP).


My vote is AIM.


Well, I started my messaging service with ICQ, then after never bening able to keep your list (back then) i switched to msn and have used it since… but i still remember my icq # lol 10860189 haha! can’t belive i still remember it


MSN is used my most people nowadays, but can be a pain in the ass. The size of the message windows are fairly large with wasted space. MSN seems to be down every now and then, which would create havic for businesses.
So your best bet would be yahoo or AIM. There system is never down and windows are small.
Good luck to ya!


I vote MSN… as i use it alot and it is good…


not sure why i remember my old ICQ number either. I think I created it in 1998. 75185924


i also remember mine. it kinda stuck in my hear… 58778578


I only use ICQ if I need too… MSN is just more attractive and widely used these days. Trillian is a good program to use if you use any of the following MSN/ICQ/AIM/Yahoo/IRC, and need a single program to connect you to all of them.

AIM is pretty cool, but I started using MSN a while ago and see no need to switch.

MSN has video/audio chat, games and some other cool featuires like remote assistance that I find very handy.


He wants to communicate between Macs and various generations of Windows boxes. AIM is the only one that supports all features across every version.

MSN won’t interoperate with different versions very well, and ICQ is basically just AIM now anyway.


Miranda IM. Small, easy to use, works with MSN, AIM, ICQ, IRC, and Jabber. Free, open source, extremely customizable.


yeah, i vote msn, but i use the Msg plus addon. I think most people do actually. you can make your windows tranlucent and other neat thing. I used to be on icq alot, 84723561, i never ever forgot it. I created that back in 98 or 99, it was for gaming. i use it when msn is broken for maintainance ( but it never gets any better it seems? ) i never really like aim, and yahoo is jsut, yuck as i recall.


I only use ICQ now for leaving offline messages, or transferring a series of files (much easier to set it once and leave it than having to send each file after another in MSN.) I use MSN for all the talking I do though.

I’ve tried trillian, and I could never get the hang of it. For some reason I’d rather have 2 or 3 lil programs running at once than one big one. Maybe I just didn’t spend enough time customizing it or something.

I’ll have to look into that msg plus addon corrupt_file was talkin about though… it sounds handy.

I can’t believe I have an ICQ # lower than everyone else that posted (7791861). I thought I got mine pretty late, sometime back in 98. (hey that rhymed!)


MiG’s is alot lower than mine, I know. But I bet nobody else’s is! Oh yeah, that was a phat ryhme, Smartass.


805479 or something like that.

I had a 5 digit one somewhere too…


speaking of early adopters…id kill for a gmail account !


Yeah, I could handle more than 6mb of space for web-based email too.


i signed up for one, or the beta i should say, but they never got back to me?


Same with me… but we weren’t really signing up to get an account. We signed up for them to send us further info about becoming beta testers or something like that.


i use msn. i used to use icq but got rid of it. i also remember my icq number. it was 79480779. haha.