ICBC Chief departs in wake of growing scandal

The troubles for ICBC grew on Friday as Paul Taylor the Chief Executive Officer decided to step down from the public insurance company and head for a position in the private sector, a case of interesting timing and a fortunate parachute, as more and more demands of transparency and accountability were being made of the provincial car insurer.
Those demands come as a growing scandal regarding rebuilt and resold automobiles continues to percolate across BC. Taylor was adamant that his decision to leave was unrelated to the current troubles, which he said ICBC is working hard towards solving.

ICBC found itself in the unwanted spotlight when tales came out about an ICBC research facility called the Material Damage Research and Training facility, a place which seems to have taken on the tasks that are normally associated with more infamous chop shops, fixing up heavily damaged vehicles and selling them off without disclosing any of their past history…

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the chop show biz is a bad place at the moment, for the past month or two, every time I’ve watched the news they were talking of yet another chop shop being busted =]