Ian Bush Inquiry

anybody following this?  only thing i heard was the the coroner ‘forgot’ to check out the bruises he had on his face and hip.  i feel so bad for his family in a case like this, especially when people make very stupid mistakes…if they can be called that.  Anyhow, if anybody is keeping up on this i’d be interested to know where it’s at. 

i get mad everytime i hear about it on the radio.

what is sad is that when the coroner got the body of Ian it had started to decompose, as it stayed in the police station for a few days before they moved it. what’s up with that… fricken no film in the camera’s to take pictures, or was it more sinister then that… tampering with evidence I say…shame on the RCMP…

ya that isn’t cool at all.  or how about the security cams not working.  there is so much here that should add up to a damn trial, not an inquiry…a trial.  his family deserves it.  if everybody i ever met got shot in the back of the head for having an open beer in a parking lot they would all be gone.