I would like to introduce my friend

This is my Friend "Horus"
aka “Amen Ra”

Heres a little back story of Horus:
{ 3000 B.C. }

-Horus was the only Son of the Egyptian god who was Born onto Earth to walk with men.
-He was born during the Winter Solstice, Dec 25th
-He was Born from a Virgin.
-The Eastern Star guided 3 Kings to His Birth.
-At 12 years old he started teaching.
-Jesus… …i mean Horus, was Baptized at 30 years old.
-Horus traveled with 12 Disciples.
-During his life he performed Miracles, healed the sick, walked on water.
-Horus was refured to as, The truth and The light, & The Lamb of God.

-Horus was Crucified,
-Dead for 3 days…

The Sun was Amen Ra/Horus.
and as the sun would rise the followers would say

For more info watch some of these.
video.google.com/videoplay?docid … &plindex=0

video.google.com/videoplay?docid … &plindex=4

video.google.com/videoplay?docid … &plindex=2

Or, simply read some history books.

I have read all the books by zacharia stichen, great books lots of stories from the bible come from other stories that are  Sumerian.

I dont want to insult you personally, you seem like a great person with
one thing that most people dont have these days… an open mind.

just be extreamly careful of facts and the common confusion
between Science & Pseudoscience.

Zecharia Sitchin is out for one thing, Money.

Zecharia speculations are largely ignored by mainstream scientists and historians who see many problems with both his translations and understanding of Physics.

When Sitchin researched his books, only specialists could read the Sumerian language, but now anyone can check his translations in the frequently contested Sumerian Lexicon. Sitchin’s translations have been heavily challenged under linguistic scrutiny.

Sitchin has also claimed that certain unusual human genes discovered in 2001 were not the result of horizontal gene transfer from bacteria as concluded by geneticists, but were instead inserted into the human genome by aliens. :astonished: :confused:

I admit, it is fun and interesting to hear his hypothesizes… but
the reason Science ignores him is the same reason Science ignores other faith based claims…
No Empirical Evidence.

Id really suggest putting Sitchin’s book aside and pick up some
Carl Sagan stuff… The Demon-Haunited World is an awesome book
which will equip you with the skill to detect Pseudoscience.

I hear what your saying, anyways its a great read… and carl sagan died way before his time.

he is my new hero, i wish i would of discovered him sooner  :blush:

heres a great video for anyone reading all this and want some

Its less then 4mins and i guarantee it will make your day!

Carl Sagan was also a pot-head. Came out on Larry King Live … just thought inquiring minds would want to know.

Hehe, I didnt know that, excellent! I have his entire cosmos series in .avi files, even though they were made in the seventies they are still relevant and accurate for the most part. I can put them on DVD for anyone who would like to se them, just ask. Also have the Stephan Hawking series, it too is really worth the time to watch them all, if you like cosmology anyways. Got another five hundred gigs of various different physics and cosmology videos, if anyone really loves these subjects feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll try to get ya hooked up with them.