I understand Hillary Clinton now

When I retired over 2 years ago, they didn’t want my ‘stupid’ domains. One of them was the commercial town portal that had email users on it for 15 years. So not wanting to run my own servers I farmed it out to GoDaddy. Convinced almost all the buisnesses and most of the users to get a new email account somewhere else as I don’t charge therefore won’t do much service for free, but there’s about 40 seniors left.
And one business that has its own $25K domain, simply will NOT pay their host to set up an email on it, will not learn how to do it themselves and will not pay me to do it for them. Hell they don’t even know how to access or update it anymore and its a damn WordPress site!
Complained last week that they weren’t receiving mail from the District Office. MX toolbox says it’s on blacklists but they say they aren’t. Liberal lying MSM what would they know? Tues they told me gmails weren’t coming thru. I tested that, sent a gmail from my account to my email on the same server. Didn’t get to the mailbox, got no bounce message.
SIX calls to tech support where they insisted it was DNS MX settings and told me to set it up this way, the next wiped the record out completely, the next told me to set it up the complete opposite of the first. Not one considered the fact everything worked fine for over 2 years. All repeated the mantra ‘it will take 24 to 48 hours to propagate’.
Maybe if your mail server’s in Antartica on an effing dialup link!
Two reported the mails were hung in the mail queue, they could see them from my gmail account to my GoDaddy account. Two said they couldn’t see into the mail queue One said she saw a block on gmail. Five said there was no block.
So after screaming, I get passed to advanced support. First thing I said was I am going to ask you a question, "My new car runs fine. But when I fill up at Joe’s Gas it won’t run anymore. What’s wrong with the CAR?"
Surprisingly, the guy replied “Occam’s Razor, it’s Joe’s Gas not the car”.
I actually thought I was going to get somewhere, even sent from my gmail to my other account and the guy replied I see one from (mentioned my gmail address) in the queue. Minutes later he couldn’t explain why it wasn’t delivered to my mailbox, “because it was never received by our server”. “No gmails have been received by your account in over a week”. "Must wait up to 48 hours for changes to propagate"
Square one. And it turns out the District Office is hosted on Google. It’s only a problem with gmail and Google hosted senders. No bounce message means it was delivered to another server. Three techs saying they could see it in a queue means it got delivered to their server. Applying Occam’s Razor again, the simplest conclusion is they’ve got a Google subnet blocked and just aren’t gonna admit it no matter what.
Seriously considering turning one of the old Atom boxes I have into a mail server and running it myself again. Easier to troubleshoot, no relying on anyone else. Maybe I’ll put it under the bed instead of in the bathroom though. Cathy’s one of those TV ad types that has to walk around the house dripping water everywhere.
Anyone recommend another cheap hosting service?


So Google’s taken a punch in the face. SpamAssassin’s rating everything 5+ just over the default score.
That being said, it took 7 calls in 3 days just to get someone who could look at the queue and read the mail.log.