I Still wonna know why my best friend did

I still wonna know why my best friend Kayla Rose Mckay is gone i’m not gunna stop wondering why she is gone… and this is what she called me all the time " Sister" thats is why I want to know why she is gone :cry: she ment the world to me and she still does even though she is up there in heaven watching down on me and all her other friends… :frowning: I still take it hard even though I lost my Granny Emily during the Speical Assembley and i know Gary and Rose Knew her well if any of who know them Gary and Rose and you please tell them to call me at 1-250-326-2370 in Kincolith please and thanx…well if the R.C.M.P see this you can contact me at the number that is showen there alright well have a great day everyone… :exclamation:
:frowning: I Miss you Kayla :cry:
peace out O.G :exclamation:

from: melissa.C.Stevens

yeahh… tough lost