I seek your consent

Sir. Larry Kane
204  Wilmer Lane
United Kingdom…

Dear Friend,
    I am  Larry kane  retired excutive with Barclays BankPlc London United Kingdom.I am the personal friend  to Dr. David Clemetson 40 years of age who is from United State.  who died on January 31st 2000 with Alaska Airlines Flight 261.You can as well confirm the above information by going through this CNN under stated Website of the incident
    Dr. David Clemetson was a medical doctor who sepecialised in internal medicine before he died . He based in  United States of America . He used to come to London to visit me and my family .Two months before his death, he visited me here in London and wanted to establish  a world class hospital  which I was helping him to open . All the requirements needed to open the hospital were ready , including the money for the project. He deposited the money for the project with my bank Barclays Bank Plc, which I helped him alot for that with my position with the bank then.
    He went back to United States to prepare  his coming back to London for the hospital project.But I was surprise to hear through CNN  that my very good friend whom I was waiting for  was involved on January 31st 2000 with Alaska Airlines Flight 261 plane crash,that crashed into the Pacific Ocean not far from Los Angeles. The worst of it all , is that He died along side with his family members which includes his wife Carolyn and children Coriander, 9, Blake, 7, Miles,6, and Spencer, 6 months.
    Since the death of my good friend Dr. David Clemetson,I as his good friend and account officer have made several enquiries to locate his surviving relation, without  any success until my by retirement last year,because himself David and his family members were involved in the same plane crash. I am sheding tears of sorrow as I am writing this mail to you.So, just last week, the bank again issued me a notice to come up and present the next of kin of my friend or a relation deposited fund which my late friend deposited with them.
    It was because of the above reason that I decided to contact you on the course of my late friend’s relation since you are a foreigner like him and both of you are not from Britain. I am contacting you to assist in repatriating and securing the wealth left behind in a fixed deposit account by my late friend David Clemetson, before they get confiscated or declared unserviceable by the  bank.Since  the board of the  bank, has issued a notice, that after two weeks(2 weeks) from now and no next of kin shown up for the claim, the funds will be confiscated and declared unserviceable.
    Since I  have been unsuccessful in locating Dr.David Clemetson relatives for sometime now, I seek your humble consent to present you as the Next of Kin and relation of the deceased since you are a foreigner with my late friend. So that the proceed of this deposit valued at £6.5Million British i Pounds Sterling can be released to you.The bank will release the funds to any person whom i present as the next of kin to my late friend and client.  To crown it all, I  have all related information/documents to the bank account. And all these are under my control which I can produce any time it is required for the process.
    Please,do not fail to visit the website above for your confirmation and proof just to proof because I am aware of many scam mails and letters that are going on around the world and espercialy in the net.  All I requires is your honest cooperation to enable us to the realisation of this money  successfuly.I guaranttee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you and I from any breach of the law.
Further details awaits your response by email.
Best Regards
Larry kane.

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Dear Sir,

I do appologise for approaching you in this manner but my present condition has made me to desperately seek your help.  My name is Mr Peter Drogba the only son of Dr and Mrs Frederick Drogba from Cote d’ivoire. Unfortuantely life is not that so good on my side. My sufferings began after the Rebels in my country killed my parents and my only sister because my father was an opposition leader to the president of my country(Ivory Coast West Africa).

This painful loss of my parents traumatises me everyday, because I’m living in difficulty. All the assets of my father has been forcefully taken away by my uncles.I can not take any action now because i’m afraid of been harmed. Before the death of my father, I gained admission to read Medicine at the university of Cocody and could not complete this program due to these problems.

Before his death he has  $6.5 M USD (Six Million , Five Hundred Thousand dollars.) in a domicilary account with a bank in Cote d ’ Ivoire which I am the next of kin.

1)I need your assistance to provide a bank account where this money will be transferred to.
2)You will serve as the guardian of this funds since I am 19 years.
3)You will make arrangement for me to come over to your country after the money has been transferred to you.

I have plans to do investment in your country, like real estate and industrial production.  I am willing to offer you 20% of the total sum as compensation for your effort after this successful transfer of this fund to your nominated account overseas.

Note that the confidentiality of this transaction would be highly appreciated in replying soonest to my private email address   drogbamail2007@terra.com

Thanks and best regards.

Peter Drogba
Email: drogbamail2007@terra.com

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