I R Ezzhole

Okay I blew my top when an office manager whined about Gig charges and the amount of service hours. I told her that she should walk around the hampster cages and suspend anyone using MSN explorer because they were too stupid to work in an office, and fire anyone with MSN messenger or Kazaa. If they could afford freeloaders that could screw around yakking and downloading music at work they could damn well afford $50 extra bandwidth and the extra service they brought on themselves.
So she told me she would be switching providers and would not require my services anymore once she talked to her boss.
Guess what. Her boss called and asked if I knew anyone interested in an office manager job, and to get down there on Saturday when no one’s around and deliver him a report on each workstation. He even suggested running ‘that cool AdAware you showed me’ and including the results because ‘they aren’t getting spyware from gov’t or supplier websites’.

I em en ezzhole… and I got a laff that he didn’t ask me to do the same in ‘his’ office…

Good job. Serves them right : O )

Saturday report: of the 6 workstations the LOWEST number of spyfiles (using AdAwareSE) was 882. On 3 I had to despy by running it part way, cleaning & restarting because it would lock up. 1342 on one station.
All had MSN messenger running, 2 had MSN explorer and 5 had Kazaa, one of which had over 4 GB of songs in the shared folder.
Lots of work being done in there, huh?
Though I must say, being an office of women at least the Kazaa folder were full of music!
Now I have to go to another building where they have Telus ADSL and check because when the Big Cheese got thier ADSL at home he was told by a rep* to ‘uninstall Norton’ or it wouldn’t work. He’s worried about viruses cuz they may have uninstalled it there too.
*is cuz these teleprompt reading 16 year olds are not Telus employees. There lying little scabs that just want to go onto the next call so they can keep their McJobs.

That’s why you get paid the big bucks.

Q: When you need to unscrew, uncouple and unlplug all the cables from your computer to bring it into the shop, why do 95/100 people leave the power cord (which is the easiest on to get off) hanging off the back?

It is one of the great mysteries of the universe…

QUOTE OF THE DAY: It’s a computer not a logging truck, you don’t need an impact wrench to reef down the printer cable!

Um i always tell people that they should get the biggest screw driver or plyers to torque them down. And i have yet to figure out why people leave the power cord in there machine but unplug all the rest. ITS a stumper… : O )

I only did that the first time because I didn’t know all power cords were the same. I thought the place I was taking it might not have the same end my computer had.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
you admitted it! you’re brave :laughing:

but you gave an answer!