I phone 3 gs

I am looking at buying the rogers i phone 3 gs i know we dont have  3 g in rupert doe’s any body have this phone right now how fast is it in rupert?

I will be moving down to the vancouver area in a few months were there is 3 g.

There is one network in the states that has 4 g now!

Wait… we don’t have Iphone 3g in Rupert?

stares at his Iphone 3g

Where did I get mine from? I haven’t left Rupert in quite some time…

Hmmm… plot thickens.

As for Iphones in Prince Rupert, I find they work great. They work better in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or anywhere that IS NOT my house…

GPS works good, I can direct my co-worker how to drive from the district office to Port edward pretty easily… Yup… pretty awesome.

The 3gs is nice though. Seems to play games better… and I mean, we only buy the Iphone to play games right??

Mmmm Assassin’s Creed for the Iphone.

Rogers doesn’t have 3G service in Rupert, just Edge.  It’s adequate for most everything, including Youtube.  3G service in bigger cities is much faster, though.  I used 2 gigs of tethered data in 3 days in Calgary :smile:

Anyway, check this out: 

jdpower.com/corporate/news/r … ID=2009224


Also, two-player FIFA10 on iPhone is sweet!

Ahhh, no doubt 2 player would be awesome! I haven’t gotten around to trying any 2 player stuff yet. But quite enjoying what I’ve been able to do thus far. Which isn’t much, save for games.

But hey! Blizzard’s authenticator is damn nice for the Iphone. Saves paying the 40 bucks shipping for a 5 dollar item.

I just visited rogers’ iphone page and see that they offer both 3 year plans or no terms  pricing on their iphones.  I couldn’t see what ‘no terms’ means.  Any idea what ‘no terms’ means?

I think that it means you don’t have a contract, but you have to pay like $800 for the phone, since it’s not being subsidized by the contract.

That’s what I was thinking it meant.  I didn’t think Rogers sells iphones without a contract?