I Pad for sale

I just won an I Pad from an online contest and have no use for it. I will let it go for 200$ if someone gets ahold of me soon I am leaving town on Monday


April fools

No not really

LOL, I was actually debating calling but then I remembered the date. I have always thought of purchasing one of these though.

Ok i guess i picked the wrong day to post this .

Maybe you did, maybe not. I have no idea what they sell for, I just know that my family would love to own one. If you have one for sale at any time, let us know:)

HAHA well I couldn’t resist and thought what the heck it can’t hurt to call. It’s what I said it was. lol. Poor sucker on the other end.

Funny that you made the call, I hope the poster did not suffer too badly;)

Try again you must have dialed the wrong number