I owe Steve Jobs an apology


Saturday night we decided to head out to the video store at the far end of town and shortly after we’d hit the highway, there was a weird “thunk!” sound coming off the trunk of the car. Arrrived at the store and looked for any possible rock damage (thrown or tossed off of a speeding vehicle) and found nothing. It wasn’t until a couple of hours later when my son was tearing through the house, trying to find his less-than-a-week old iPod Nano, that my husband leaned over to me and whispered, “I think that was his Nano falling off of the car that we heard earlier. He must have left it there when we got home from shopping this afternoon.”

Didn’t tell the kid the bad news because we had visions of him hiking down there with a flashlight, walking along a very busy two-lane highway at night, but we did get up first thing on Sunday morning and sure enough, right about the place we would have been hitting something like 60 kph, the Nano was sitting alongside the concrete barriers, covered with dirt and frost. All four corners were abraded badly and while the screen was intact, it looked pretty damned dead. Considering it made it the kilometre or so down-hill from our house to the highway without falling off and only fell off of the car roof once we’d hit such a high speed, I was shocked not to see it in pieces…

Anyhow, left it to dry out for a day and it works!! I can never diss another Apple product again after seeing that screen light up and one of my son’s silly videos start playing this afternoon.

Anyone else with a “Put away yer toys properly, dammit!” to tell??

Nice.  I still have my Apple IIE from 1986, and it works.  Any takers?
Will trade for new apple laptop :smiley:

I dont have a Laptop to trade but would you consider selling it and for how much if so send me  message here please

I’ll trade you for my Commodore 64 … it’s a screamin’ 1500% faster than original equipment!

My old Amiga 1200 boots to a usable desktop in 12 seconds. More than Vista can do 16 years later with 300X the clock speed…
… but I won’t trade it.