I need some of these

museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/webl … _stickers/

It would work until the person started drooling or snoring.

Dude!  Sign me up!  They might not be realistic enough for work, but they’d probably fool my two year old!  When ever my husband or I “rest our eyes” on the couch, she gets really mad and yells at us to wake up!!!  Then when we say “I am awake” she tells us to open our eyes and stand up.  Maybe if our eyes stayed open she’d believe that we were “awake”.  I totally need some!

lol here are some tips for what to do after snoring or drooling, hopefully not both at the same time.  That would ruin my evil plans.

my quick reply would be “aww man i’m so hungry my mouth is watering” or “oh geeze my sinus’ are acting up again I can’t breath through my nose”