I need a new laptop

The stored key should pick the version that was originally installed.
Delivered another Binary Light switch Logic lesson today. See, the lights go out when it’s OFF. Lights still on mean NOT off.

Yep. The Ryzen laptop had Home installed on it. I wanted to install Pro and I have a key for that. The USB installer found the key for Home even after I deleted the partitions. Oh well, Home is okay I guess.

You could set it to Legacy, install Pro with key and go thru a lot of bullshit to convert it to eufi…
or just use Home. Working on one that’s Pro… he bought it for his 9 yr old kid.To play Roblox…

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Thanks for the suggestion, herbie! I will look into that.
At the moment I’m also considering updating in place to Home 11 or doing a clean install of Home 11. I’ll be curious to see if that little utility was correct in stating that the Legion is ready for 11.

If that won’t run 11 then nothing will.

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Agreed. I think it’ll likely run 11.

I was about to try 11 on a refurb laptop but I want to sell it ASAP, won’t use my production machines.
Just made a bi-annual visit to move pictures from an iPhone to the computer and discover again they’d paid some guy on the phone $299 US for a tune-up and desktop icon that said it was Network Firewall. Left knowing full well they hadn’t listened or watched how you make a folder, name it Snowmobiling or drag your snowmobile pics into it.
I should;ve installed Teamviewer, phoned them back and charged $399…

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I’m hopeful that Microsoft will offer their media creation tool to generate ISOs for 11. I would rather do that than have left over detritus from 10 on my SSD. Interesting days ahead.