I knew this would happen

Now what do I do? :smile:

The Last Page of the Internet

Start over. The first page has changed. It is now intergalactic tranny porn instead of the ‘regular’ porn you would expect. They don’t expect you will notice though :wink:

Hosted on Joels server of course!

how do I get that to randomly come up on my kids computer??? LOL

Set it as the homepage?

He said Randomly.

edit She said randomly…

Expat is a girl???  Identifying people on HTMF is like trying to find your pants in a dark room at 4am…

People I know on HTMF  in real life  ( that I know of )…


They might not know me,  Just my footprints outside thier bathroom windows…

Oh,  and how could I forget  Jesus.

… and you’ve accepted him as your personal saviour?  :smiley:

No, he quoted me… I’m a girl…

I know two people in this thread.

Yes he did,  but he was refering to me,  “He said randomly”

Nope,  I’m a Free Thinker :wink:

Start making more pages!!!

Ah ha!  Then I won’t need to go outside. :smiley:

I find it safer to stay inside :smile: