I just want to tell you how I'm feeling

Gotta make you understand.

…ZOMG…I’ve been rolled?  :astonished:

Saddest part…I watched the whole thing…

I really enjoy the attention this song is finally getting.

I used to think this was the funniest damn song when I was a kid, and that was before I saw what Rick looked like singing it.

LMAO. :smiley:

Link didn’t work for me.  Maybe it’s timed.

Woah, I just opened it on a Windows machine.  Much cooler.  On Safari on the Mac, it just rickrolled, and I apple-Qed.  No such luck on Windows :wink: 

I opened it on my Slackware box and woah the browser was moving all over the screen and I couldn’t exit.  Funny stuff.  Had to do a Ctrl+alt+Backspace to kill Fire Fox and end my session. :smiley:


The link worked for me the first time, much in the way described by hitest with firefox.  I just wrote that the link didn’t work to see how many people would get re-rickrolled by trying it again. :imp:

Good one eso.  I couldn’t shut it down. My volume was quite high and it kinda made me jump when Astley started singing. I had to force-quit the darn thing.

Of course, I only re-posted it here after I got rolled by that link on another forum :wink:

Yeah, I had to bring up the task manager to kill it too.  And to make matters worse I was at work when I clicked on it and surrounded by a bunch of very perplexed Japanese teachers.

And now, thanks to that site, I have that fucking song running through my head!  AAARRRGGGHHH!!! :angry: