I Hate Hackers


fuckin cooooool


Apparently I am not allowed to view that page…

nether am I

That’s sort of the point.

ION Defacement Team 2004. Contact: securityion@hotmail.com.

heh… well, without a proxy i got a forbidden

but thats nifty… were you using phpbb? if so you might want to check out packetstormsecurity.org

is that due to hackers?




email them, if they reply, grab their IP.

If there serious defacers do you seriously think they’ll reply ?

Out of all of the defacers I’ve known and talked to no-one is stupid to fall for that

Besides that even if they do im sure they would be smart enough to use a proxy server…

So like… I dont’ see how your original thread title, ‘i hate hacking faggots’ really applied to the thread, so I editied… K?

Maybe someone shoudl fix that, before google starts associating their e-mail or name to the website. It might be their goal right? Why leave a signature?

bingo. email them anyways, and send a jpeg with a trojan in it.

What if it isn’t their email address? Why would they give you their email?

Anyway, I’m curious to see what they actually did besides post that page… The rest of the site looks ok… Did they get into the /frm folder via FTP and delete it?

Good question, honestly I highly doubt they would freely give out their actual email adress when defacing a web site. It’s just one of those golden rules for defacers to not be stupid enough to

  1. Give out your email
  2. If they gave out their real email, it wouldn’t be from hotmail
  3. If they did infact give you their real email, do you think they would be
    stupid enough to not scan it first ? Maybe, but your chances are low of it being a newbie answering your email

I’d suggest just to start over and get better security

possibly they want you to pay them to tell you how they hacked it or some such shit. Anyways phpbb has alot of vulnerabilities.