I got rocked!

so making fun of a dude for driving a yellow Tracker gets delted?  that sucks.  Espeically considering what kind of thing are being said in the wasteland

Too funny!! maybe you should post it directly to the wasteland.

ya that is odd…I can come on here and spread racial hate…and only get put in the wasteland…but i bug a friend about a vehicle…and i’m deleted…i guess in ruper that would only make sense

I thought that was rather odd too… I saw the posts there yesterday, and today they’re gone.  I thought it was kinda funny, I could tell you were just joking, I thought everyone else could too.  Weird.

Who deleted them MiG?

There seems to be a lot of vanishing posts happening. I could have sworn someone posted in this thread claiming responsibility for deleting the other ones. Now it’s gone.


Oops yes i had a reply on here yesturday stating i don’t like the fact a valid for sale ad gets hijacked with nonsense. i edited it yesturday afternoon and must have deleted it instead.

Wanna talk trash thats whats the general and wasteland forum is for in my opinion.

it’s all good man i’m just buggin ya…you have to admit you would look kind of funny driving that thing…at 6’4.  anywho, keep in touch


Actually i fit in it better then most vehicles with its tall roof. Wanted a good vehicle for camping but its outta the budget with a possible expansion of my house if the funding comes through. Belive me it ain’t pretty but the tracker runs as good as my car

And Mike, Can’t get rupert outta your blood can ya? lol

ya it’s like an STD…but a good kind

So what happened with the ad?

Yeah, wanted/for sale stuff shouldn’t be about flame wars.  Moderators can always split topics, though.

I know who deleted it. Spraxx did.

Yep i did. Deleted the thread and started a new one

your a moderator?  man you have a whole second side to you…what else you into that nobody knows about? 

Nope i am no mod. every post a person buts up can be deleted by that person. and any thread that a person starts, that person can delete the whole thread.

everything else is up to mig

There are other moderators too.

You did the right thing, Spraxx.  Next time you might want to ask one of the moderators to just split the topic. 

Ya I saw the old mix 56 dude driving a tracker once.

ya i was driving it to Ashy T’s place for some good ol bootleg radio