I finished the Internet

Anyone else finish the internet or just me?

That’s funny, cause I’ve been saying that a lot lately.

Maybe he is stalking you :smiley:


I’m gonna keep my eyes out for large puddles on sunny days so that I can take cool pictures like this!

Wont be hard in rupert, or just leave the hose on for a while.


what the hell is that piece of shit?

its an airplane… i mean look its got the big wing to give it lift DUH!.

ohhh yeah, so it does. Silly me!

My long flowing mane provides downforce for stability at high speeds.

I have a question I have been pondering for some time about High speed Internet and the uses for it. Highspeed is used for one thing only the need for my warez fix weather it be downloading millions of songs or warez or moves or tv shows, If I was not able to do those things would I realy need High speed internet ? I think not, I host my webpage on my computer, but I would think only a few people here do that.

What do you do with your highspeed accsess ?

load webpages faster… when was the last time you tried surfin the net with dial-up. My friend had dial-up up until about 3 months ago, and it was painfully slow loading webpages even. What if you wanted to update windows/hardware drivers. a 5 meg file take 20 mins minimum to download on dial-up. I just simply could not go back.

High definition pr0n.

how do you beat the final boss at the end of the internet? I cant seam to get past him.

i too have finished the internet, now i just sit here and wait for the xbox 360 to come out…

… and why does he look like George Bush?

If someone doesn’t beat him soon I hear he turns into someone else. Buggers are tough to find sometimes.

Finished…i think i just got started…hence why i am leaving this post