I don't like these local businesses

I wouldn’t set foot in Uncle Bucks, Wau or Stardust, all owned by the same people. I refuse to support a business that does not support local business. 10’s of thousands of dollars are owed to many local businesses for services, materials and supplies that were provided in good faith. If you are ever in the unfortunate position of doing business with any of these establishments make sure you get cash up front.

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This is one of several complaints I’ve heard about these establishments ripping of local business and contractors. If they owe money for services or goods rendered they should be taken to court. I believe the maximum claim for small debts court is $10,000 dollars. This may not be enough to cover some of you owed money but it would certainly get their attention… If the amount owed is more then it must be dealt with in BC Supreme court requiring lawyers etc. I think what they (Uncle Bucks, Wau, and Stardust) are doing is totally unacceptable. I for one will join you in never setting foot in these establishments.

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Thanks for the support! Lets hope many others do the same. There are many quality places in town that deserve and have earned our business. Spread the word! We know how fast word spreads in Rupert.

I am one of the victim as well, I also do not go to these restaurants nor to support them, it is not right for these people to come in town and burn the local businesses

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I won’t dispute what you’ve written. This is a public website and anyone can read your posts.
A friendly reminder to everyone: you’re responsible for what you write on HTMF.

That’s obviously the reason I posted. My info is private is it not? Do you know something I don’t?

Certainly your information is private, but, you’ve criticized three businesses on a public website. They can read your comments.

I know you take the privacy of HTMF members seriously, I hope you didn’t think that was meant as a dig. One reason I posted was so they would see it, they need to know that this BS will not be tolerated and will be made public.

I’m sorry to hear that. They are going to be out of luck trying to access services or supplies in town.

My brain just started to melt after reading some of the nutty posts here. So to counter this, I present this video:

Since this forum has a new software, I wonder if I could make this YouTube clip play automatically.


Fair enough. You can be held legally responsible for what you write here at HTMF. Check out our FAQ.


The ownership group is from mainland China and scammed a lot of local business’s home hardware got hit the worst. They actually claim they didn’t authorize the building materials. The owner said it was a rogue employee who ordered goods and services thus they won’t pay.

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I’ve heard they they got the worst of it. Like I said earlier people need to be aware that if they plan on eating at Uncle Bucks, Wau or Stardust they are supporting a group that couldn’t care less about this community and that they adhere to such unethical business practices

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At first I thought you were a jerk for bashing these businesses but after looking into it I thank you for putting it out there. Thank you for sharing so I know not to spend any of my money at these places.

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Lol thanks rickgrimes…I can be a jerk sometimes but I wouldn’t have put it out there if it wasn’t true. Anyways, I’m done with this, I’ve said what I wanted to say.

I have always received good tips in the restaurant.


It seems that some construction activities are being done at the Stardust restaurant and at the Malaysian restaurant and most material and labour are from out of town … so they have money to do renovation with material and labour from out of town but not paying people in Rupert ???