I can't beat Don't Fear The Reaper on drums D:

i don’t see how people can do this…

But maybe you need more of something… :wink:

As a Rock Band owner, I am thoroughly impressed. I can rock guitar on expert, but drums only on medium.

Lead singer does the cowbell.

lawl, vocals are really easy. i’ve gotten in the top 100 on vocals

I believe if you read the guys’ notes on the side of the youtube, he has like 4 years of professional drumming. He knows what he’s doing, and comments quite a lot on the songs and whatnot.

It is tough though. You can Youtube Wanted Dead or Alive on Expert and see a 7 year old kid do the song. 

I’ve been contemplating trying to get a copy of Rock Band for the Wii just so that I can hone my skills enough to do good when we all get together at Eso’s! Hah!

I’ve always wanted to play the drums, but I don’t think I have enough coordination to do it.

It would just get all fucked up.

When you watch the guy drumming in that video, it shows that he knows what he’s doing… But if you’ve watched much in the way of live music, you can see that what he’s doing is actually fairly elementary for the most part.

I’m reminded of when Rock Band first came out, some gaming magazine guy got pretty good at playing the drums to the Coheed & Cambria song in the game, and so as a publicity stunt, they got him together with the real band and a real drum kit to see if he could play it, and he could, fairly well.