Hydro then Cable

Anyone out there experience power outage last night , I had it two in a row and no the cable is out. What the F*^K is going with this product we pay for?

It happens all the time here, should be used to it by now. I remember almost 2 years ago BCHYDRO working on the grid, had power out in different parts of town almost every night.

They announced in the paper about the outages downtown for tomorrow. (1st and 3rd avenue I think was what I was told)

As for outages. I got hit with 3 outages last night from 1am - 3am, and then 3 more this afternoon. First three took a bit to come back, the other 3 were like 5 minute downtimes… either way, enough to frustrate.

There is a company (no BC Hydro) that is currently going down by the Oasis Apartments. They are opening the steel panels on the ground along the road and working on them. Silversides/Oasis apartments were currently without power when I walked past. (15minutes ago). It looks like they are done with my area though, so I am quite thankful…

Just thinking, does your cable not require Hydro?  Might explain why both are out.


Ah," just thinking" , obviously they weren’t both out at the same time  :unamused:

expat, come to think of it no. Have you ever had power on but your FN cable went out asshole. Well its the same fn thing here, Friday night power went out twice and yesterday cable went. Always need one of you in the crowded bus.

The special yellow bus!!  :smiley: :imp: :smiley:

The moderators should create an “anger management  forum”, judging by how folks fly off the handle on the simplest of things it could be the most popular forum, or at least the most used one on the site.  :astonished:

[quote=“Justin Case”]
asshole. [/quote]

Wow,  chll pill,  just making a joke, dude.  Been to nice out to watch TV anyway.

The wind here blew the power to the TV site we share Sat. morning. I got dozens of calls.
"What does that have to do with my TV and Internet? You’re just making up excuses"
I even explained it a few times before I recorded a message “Precisely 90 seconds after Hydro restores power to the transmitters your TV and Internet will come back. Goodbye.” and stopped answering the phone.