Hurray! A new doctor is in town!

Actually the $100-110K the doctor mentioned was before personal income taxes, ie what the business netted after expenses and had left over to pay him as the doctor-proprietor. Most people don’t make that even before taxes, but then most people don’t forego 4-5 years of income post-bachelors (if they go that far), and borrow money to cover tuition and living expenses, to get a doctorate. He commented that specialists can make quite a bit more, but take extra training and so on, so there are trade-offs there as well. I don’t begrudge doctors what they are paid.

Violence is another reason they leave:

Good, I do hope this means that I can get meself a doctor now. I believe that there should be some form of violence soon if we do not get more doctors here. I am real tired of waiting in the lobby of the hospital to see one.