Hurray! A new doctor is in town!

He’s from South Africa, of course!

Apparently, doctors in South Africa only get paid the equivalent to $7 an hour and work 14 hour shifts at that rate.  It’s no wonder they come to Canada!

Did we lose one in the process though. I have heard --unconfirmed – that one has left. If not, this is great news. Not because I will get to see him or her, oh no, that would be too good.

But at least some locals who lost a doctor when Greeff closed shop will have a shot. And if we haven’t lost a doctor then that brings us square with February.

One report I’ve read said that doctors tend to leave South Africa for a bunch of reasons (including workload and recognition, working conditions, etc).  While salary is important, it isn’t the reason they leave there.  Just like it’s usually not the reason they leave Rupert.

They certainly don’t make $7 an hour.  A general practitioner might start at $35k-$50k, or more, depending on whether he works for a private or government system, and you can expect that to double when they have more experience.

I’m sure you can google it to get an exact number.

I’m not sure… I know that this particular doctor is partnering up with another local doctor, and taking over his practice while he’s away on vacation for a month or so.  But I’m pretty sure he’ll be taking his own patients soon enough.

Is that “Hurrah!” or did you mean to say “Hurray!” ? Because I’m confused over celebration versus big rush to line up at the door or is it both these days?

Well, I’m just telling what I heard straight from the doctor.  If you think about it, $35k a year, at 14 hours a day would totally be close to $7 an hour.

I spent a couple of seconds on google, and found that the average work week of a SA family doctor is 42 hours.  So probably more or less the same as here.  Certainly not 98 hours a week or anything like that.

I also found a new story of the government increasing salaries to roughly C$57,000 for some doctors, and up to $175,000 for some specialists.  Private hospitals would pay more.

I’m sure if somebody wanted more detail, they could spend some more time on Google.  Maybe look up some job postings.

But I’m certain that they actually make more here for sure, and it’s probably a big complaint.  But doctors aren’t working for less than minimum wage in South Africa.  Not even close.  I don’t know how far a dollar goes in SA compared to Rupert.

Maybe the person who told you this just has the exchange rate mixed up?  or was a student  or something like that.

But whatever the reason doctors leave there, I’d say there are similar reasons that the doctors leave here.  

Mig, sorry.  Obviously you’re right.  You’re always right.  Sometimes I forget that Mig is all knowing and powerful, and that I shouldn’t ever argue with Mig.  My humble apologies.

Hey, I just used google.  

I just found it hard to believe that a doctor makes $7 an hour, and works every day of the year for 14 hours a day. 

If being able to use google makes me all knowing and powerful, then fair enough.

It’s actually possible to find out how much BC doctors make from MSP each year and nearly all the Rupert doctors make at least 250,000.  So compare that to what sounds like 57,000 for GP’s in South Africa and you can see why they come here.

You can check it out at this link, has every doctor in BC … ement.html

Yeah, like I said, I’m sure they make a lot more here.  They also have to pay for their clinics and overhead and staff.  But you’d also have to compare buying power to get an equal comparison.  

But I think the point remains – if they come here simply because they make more money, then why do they leave?  I think the reason anybody emigrates to a new country, there is always a complex story – a lot more than just money.  Quality of life is probably the #1 reason.

I still don’t buy the $7/hour, 14 hours a day, 365 days a year, though.  

Just argue anyways! 

This is just msp billing it does not count ICBC or WCB…
Mine Croft billed for $463,000 to MSP alone so now how can they call that $7 per hour lol

Ask BigThumb for pointers.  It’s easy.  The one thing you don’t do is admit you’re wrong, that’s for sure. 

And if you know you’re wrong, move on to another topic instead, to try and deflect the attention away.  Try to change the topic to be about me instead of whatever is being challenged.  That tends to work. 

There is a doctor from South Africa coming to the Casey Clinic to replace Dr. Heibert while he is away for a year.  As he is taking over Dr. H’s patients, will not be taking on new patients.  Unless there is another new physician coming to town, no need for celebration.

Dr Hiebert and Smit are leaving at the end of June or close to it.  That leaves us down another 2 but I hear that Dr Hierbert has a Dr from South Africa coming over to replace him. Maybe this is the new one referred to already. Two more have been recruited just a matter of waiting for the paperwork to get done.

Ah there’s no shortage of doctors, or problems with health care on the North coast!

After all Mayor Jack and his council, just got rid of that advisory committee on that issue. So surely that must mean that all is well doesn’t it?

The replacement for Dr. Hiebert is only taking over his patient load as stated and will not be adding more to his practice so that still leaves us short-handed with the ER and the long waits.  One has to be aware also that if you should happen to miss a few appointments with your Family Physician, they can, if they so choose, “delete” you as their patient as their loads are so heavy.  This happened to one of my co-workers. Very scary state of affairs but as ThePodunkian stated, “surely all is well”…  (sarcasm noted and appreciated  by the way!!)      

What doctors bill and what they “make” are two different things, since doctors operate as small businesses with overhead and operating costs, as MiG alludes to.

About five years ago in a similar sized town in northern BC, a GP (South African) told me during a discussion while he was off the clock that doctors in town grossed around $250,000 but netted about $100-110,000 p.a. That has likely gone up somewhat, but probably not much in these low inflation times. He emphasized that being a GP is not as good a deal as people assume, because they typically come out of med school with substantial student debts, while others in their age group are in the workplace earning money. 

very true, and Doctors work long hours as well, I know in Rupert Doctors can be working 60 hours a week or more because they have to do ER on call work.  Still, netting 100-110 grand is pretty solid money, most people don’t even make that much before taxes.