Hundreds attend anti-Enbridge rally

Amidst the laughter, unity, and spirit of a rally against the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project, held in Prince Rupert Thursday evening, there was one word that reverberated again and again from participants. That word was no. … 85934.html

For people who were/are concerned about the environment, there sure were alot of signs littering the ground around town today. Just sayin…

Perhaps they had to go get gas for the Ford 350’s before they could get around to the clean up!

I never saw any signs today, on the ground or elsewhere…just saying back! Congrats to all those who took the time to take a stand. Power to the people and thanks to Jen Rice and to Enbridge for bringing us all together.

I’m interested in a few links to the origins of Enbridge in the North. 'seems as though I need a refresher course, in terms of the primary concerns from both parties. I’m already showing signs of my naivety, in that I assumed there are only two. I’ve got a feeling that’s not the case.