Human Bones Mount Hays

Human bones have been found, investigation is going on.  That’s all I know right now.

:astonished: omy goodness! i wonder how long they’ve been there? how did you find out?

Maybe some of the same bones that were found about 6 years ago.

So a quick comment buy our Boys in blue,  CBC and the daily News called to ask about the bones,  why? 

Beacuse they read about it on HTMF,  lol

Daily News I get,  but I had no idea CBC was reading this site,  lol

So the bottom line is this for real or is it another you know what ?

Not Real…

lol oh my god, people in this town have nothing better to do than rumor mill more tragedies! get a grip people, find a freakin hobby!!

apparently, that IS their hobby :astonished: :confused:

I’m absolutely amazed that almost everyone in this thread got trolled by Billy. =.=’

Word of advice for newbies: Do not believe the bot regardless.

the thread was started from Billy the KNOB, i would have thought that this thread would have been deleted or left alone with him starting it!

Well technically everything Billy said is 100% true.

“Human remains have been found” : Human remains have been found on Mt. Hays a couple of times. I remember many years ago, when I was part of local Search and Rescue, taking part in a search for them. Some young people had hiked down the Ridley Island side of the mountain and stumbled onto some. They brought one back, but couldn’t tell us where the rest were well enough for us to locate them.

“Investigation is going on” : When human remains are found there is always an investigation. The investigation is technically always “going on”.

Now I’m sure that this is not what billy meant, but still it’s technically true…lol