Huge drug problem?

Spotted these empty syringe cartons on the trail below the Highliner. I counted at least eight cartons. At 100 syringes per carton someone must have a HUGE drug problem.

800 rigs??? insulin pins are about $18 per box (100 pins per box) and no addict packs around rigs by the box so my guess is some addict has managed to rip off 8 boxes from one of the pharmacies in town, most likely stolen off the truck that delivers supplies to the pharmacy…just a guess but i bet im right

But who opens the boxes, and then the packages they’re in?

someone who is trying to hide them, if you take them all out the box and the wrappers you can easily fit all 100 of them into a coat pocket, thats what happened i bet.

The needle exchange is free is it not? Why would someone need to steal syringes?

The usual reasons, opertuntity and stupidity

Be real is this another Rupert rumor?

  not here… naaaaugh… :unamused:

The evidence is still there if you want to confirm it.

Soggy, I did believe you but just being a clown so no one gets in my face about these issues which affect me so badly.

look at the ad at the bottom for a syringe pen. maybe it was cases of pens :smiley:

Ironic.  :smiley: