HTMF time clock needs re-setting

Who ever is in charge of HTMF, please reset the clock.
It is off by 15-16 minutes

You need resetting.

The clock was off.
MAG–the administrator–did reset it earlier on.

Uh, if you’re going to remember one name from all of the fine conributors to these forums, it might be “Mig”,not Mag, he’s the administrator, lord ruler of the htmf universe and holds your fate in his mouse… (hope his head hasn’t swelled here) :smiley:

Sorry!!  My mistake.  I meant to write MIG
I guess being–The Administrator–I saw him as the MAGNUM of HTMF
Lesson learned.
Don’t mean any disrespect.

He’s the Magnum, P.I. of HTMF, that’s for certain.

I didn’t reset any clock.

Maybe Higgins did it.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Nah I don’t think it was Higgins, that kind of work is far too labour intensive for him, most likely it was either Rick or TC that reset the clock… 

There’s no way Rick would have done it.  He’s way too cool for such menial stuff.  Therefore it must have been TC.

I agree, Rick is way too cool.  Here’s proof:

Damn, damn, damn, damn!  Caught again. :blush: