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Is it just me or is there an overabundance of warez newbs asking how to crack web games on HTMF lately?

I don’t post here very often, nevertheness it seems with every visit, there is 1 or 2 new topics that involve cracking something…

Is everyone alright with this? I would take great pleasure in deleteing any new topics that start with an unregistered guest asking how to crack blasterball or where to enter serial numbers on

Smartass mentioned cracking a flash game once, I think, and now we show up like a semen stain on Google.

I think it’s pretty funny though.

I dunno if someone who works at google reads HTMF or something, but for some reason, Google really really likes HTMF. Which is weird, because speaking to other people who run websites, they can’t get google to pay attention to them at all.

I clicked the little happy face on my google toolbar a bunch of times :wink:

Like my website… If i type in in google… it points to htmf.

cause hackingthemainframe says on one of its pages, but if you type in screenlooking and hit I’m feeling lucky, it will bring you to

Landon should prepare a spreadsheet of website stats and let people pay him to advertise on his site.

and the more we say screenlooking screenlooking here, the more google comes here

well stop saying it dumbass ?

Type in a unique phrase or sentence from my website into… You won’t get any hits for It’s weird.” is the only phrase that will give me hits.

There’s a few things that will make google notice you:

  • lots of links TO your site. Every link to your website from another website is a “vote” for you. “votes” from popular websites generally count more than “votes” from geocities websites.
  • lots of change on your site. If your site stays the same for a while, google doesn’t spider it often.
  • uptime. If your site is down when google spiders it, it won’t have an good opinion of you.
  • friendly URLs. Stuff inside your site, like your forum – look at the URLs, google is improving in this area, but generally will ignore URLS with lots of & and ? and stuff. So the more text on the front page the better.
  • client-side redirects annoy google. Use the server redirects instead.

Look through your logfiles and find any google referrers, and see what people searched for. That will give you some indication of what’s going on.

For example: - - [16/Apr/2003:17:52:47 -0700] “GET /forum/viewtopic.php?t=571 HTTP/1.1” 200 8343 “” "Mozilla/4.0…

Some poor schmuck probably doing a search for Quebec Hate crimes or something gets redirected to HTMF.

The only one I could find that still showed us as a hit was: … f1942+clan

“bf1942 clan” is in the title of the website. Google doens’t really seem to be spidering anything.

we should make a forum called like or something, just refer all the guests that want cracks to there… i of course would not be willing to pay for the domain, but kodos to me for the idea :smiley:

And then point that to

Hello every body,
can you help me to give the crack for DemonStar Secret Missions 1, or how to get full access for this games.
If you have the crack or information about that please let me know by email in

Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I double dog dare someone to go see how much spam they can sign up with that address.

Hi Denny!

I like Denny’s. :smile: