HTMF - Seafest Tug-a-war Team?

I was talking to Mr. Ferron today and he though I should orginize a HTMF team to enter :stuck_out_tongue: need at least 2 girls… but im sure we could get that, Plus Hoshq or myself as the anchor we will pwn!

haha if you wanna msg me or whatnot, and MiG msg me too for coverage cost :smile: (advertisement cost) har har

I’m in!

As long as it doesn’t interrupt softball.

when is it?

I’m down

I dunno… but ill find out more and let yeah all know

I might be on the NWW team.

I’ll take a day off for it! As long as HoshQ is on our team

How many times do I have to tell you, biatch, no capitals. Just hoshq.

fine, hosh-q :stuck_out_tongue:

you in?

First it was Daddy, now it is hoshq :unamused: make up your mind

htmf hits an all-time new low.

Prudence and HTMF all time low are always associated with one another. :cry:

Unfortunately true. j/k

If there is team weight restriction or something and you need a light-weight to fill in 30 or so lbs, i’m there. :smile:

I don’t get it.

We should start a bet… Who can tell where mig is in his avatar… I say Tim-Horton’s…

I don’t get it either, but I win.

As you can see in the diagram, our new bubblecars will glide safely back to Earth, like this:

What’s happening?

MiG must be preparing for the revolution. I think he plans to escape from a box, steal the SpaceShipOne and then drop child-proof pill containers from 329,000 feet, but I’m still unsure. That, or he’s posting random images from various news stories he reads on BBC UK.