HTMF meeting today

I’m going to be at Cowpuccino’s at 12:30 until whenever my laptop batteries run out. I’ll bring 3 laptops for anybody who wants to swing by and meet.

I hear there are several laptops there already.

Really? Excellent.

I’m bringing a wireless repeater too, so that the range can be extended a bit.

You coming hoshq? Bring your camera and take pics?

I’m going to stop in and say hi. Not sure what time, as I have a few nieces and nephews’ soccer games to hit up first. ( u guys better keep all lenses away from me!)

sure. please stop by my office on the way and give me a lift…

Serious? I’m walking down, but I’ll stop by if you want. Are you working today?

I am “working” as we speak.

Alrighty, I’ll drop by around 12:30 or so and get you.

Hey, we are here now. Prudence, Hoshq and me.

Come on down.

I just got out of the shower… give me a while.

at work, sorry dudes.

MiG is here and he’s dancing on the table!!

Are people standing around the table with fists of dollar bills?

Why does that not surprise me?

Maybe tourists could think it was the “wholesome” kind of exotic dancing.

Yeah baby, and I’ve got a roll of quarters ready to drop in the piggy bank.

Wow! All these HTMF people in the flesh, and we’re communicating with laptops!

I bet to the average joe that walks into cowpuccinos, you all look like hard working business people.

Just don’t let them look at the screen.