HTMF Keywords

I though the second one was a little on the nose…

Search Terms with a High Web-Wide Ranking Driving Traffic
Keywords that generate a significant number of queries on internet search engines and drive traffic to Ordered by the global popularity of the search terms, in combination with the number of website hits generated on

google voice windows 7
canada news
episodes peter
photos captain kirk
error code
avg safe search
wiki family
cruise cars
dell laptop
google phone
vice city
hotkeys neda
pump up
north carolina

and another from google… … e&sid=1237

The value of our opinions???  devided by the number of posts,  well that kind of hurts. …


What’s the point of the thread?

A majority of visits to HTMF come from direct links – ie: bookmarks.  It’s one of the stickiest sites I’ve been involved with.  Only a small portion of the visitors come here through google, and even a majority of those are people who google “hackingthemainframe”

Here’s the keywords in the last two weeks:

hacking the mainframe prince rupert
prince rupert rotary auction 2009
hackingthemainframe prince rupert
forum portal
feliks kondrashchenko""
meteor shower prince rupert
hacking the mainframe
hacking the main frame
citytel packet shaping
jennibunny prince rupert
for sale prince rupert
hackingthemainframe ““polar bear swim””
hacking the main frame prince rupert
prince rupert forum
campotex prince rupert
actually the cbsa do converge at the terminal""
suicide pact"" northern bc
hack the main frame
nelson leeson
rain hackingthemainframe
wind farms on stock market
pump up songs
hacking main frame prince rupert
prince rupert hacking the main frame
hacking themainframe forum prince rupert
hack the mainframe prince rupert
canpotex prince rupert 2010
hackingthemainframe and ““prince rupert””
hacking the mainframe"" and ““prince rupert””
canpotex prince rupert
good pump up songs
hacking the mainframe rupert
hacking the mainframe, prince rupert
phone number 929 200 9110
prince rupert canpotex 2010
prince rupert riot
www.hacking the main frame
burnaby burnouts""
hacking the mainframe"" prince rupert sanders
harold dudoward""
men who listen""
orville dorp"" youtube
powered by smf 1.1.11""
semaphore timeout period has expired"" ““computer name changes””
tom hawthorn""
(929) 200-9110
1973 flood pictures
alexis gendron nh
average battery life of a laptop
bc winter games 2010 prince rupert
bell sim card activation
canpotex news
dad and hot nanny
dr beverley ann eysele
ferinheight 9 11 the movie
funny slo pitch names
hack the mainframe - prince rupert
hacking mainframe extra no frills
hackingthemainframe+prince rupert
haida gwaiian
harper vacation
hockey game pump up songs
home building center
hot nanny
hp dv5020ca windows 7 driver
htmf is hacking the main frame
i am looking for work
land for sale prince rupert,bc
lax band
mainframe, hack
melvin christison
no frills store prince rupert
prince gated community
prince rupert billets
prince rupert boats
prince rupert hacking the mainfram
prince rupert hacking the mainframe
prince rupert potash meeting
prince rupert riot on 5th
prmha skeena valley
pumpup songs
rupert rampage
scrapbook powered smf
songs that pump people up
sony walkman n920
sophia z prince ruperet
space time continuum rip
speakout phone texting
suicide pact northern bc
supersize me
the movie supersize me
tim hortons expansion into florida
victor kumar
watson island prince rupert
what are some good pump up songs for hockey
what is munincipal policing?
what is older than dirt
which antidepressent is the worst to come off of
who the fuck called 929-200-9110
whos gonna fill their shoes music
wooden leg ray charles ““one of her legs apart””
wutemp folder
www hackingthemainframe
xclamps red ring of death
xplornet bandwidth cap
xplornet installation
zach ferland prince rupert
prince rupert blog""
shaune nelson"" prince rupert
dr beverly ann eysele
hackingthemainframeprince rupert
riot in prince rupert on 5th east
winter games prince rupert billets

or better yet,

I’ll dig up some fancy graphs for you if you want…

More stats here:

I love that so many people have to google “” because they can’t remember the address, apparently.

It seems to show more value for your words alone,  than all of our together,  I stand humbled in your presence,  LOL

HTMF was down, server or something,  and I googled it.

BTW, you should post the latest keywords everonce in a while,  some are pretty dard funny,  two of my favorites listed above.

About 30% of people we run into in a day think you HAVE TO start at or and type in where you want to go. Then find it in the list and click it.
Their dim, milk-like perception fades out long before the URL/Address bar.
File-Edit-View etc? OMG only a few Tibetan gurus have even noticed those… probably why MS hid the damn things in IE7 and IE8

I watched a family member (yes you!) type a URL into google.  Funny.

It’s like dialing 411 and asking for the phone number for 250-624-0000.

Yea… hehe. Told a family member to type the address into the address bar–so they type, go to the search bar, and type the URL into the search bar.

Don’t laugh… before I moved up North I was the union rep for and worked as a 411 operator in New West.
We’d get at least 6 calls every shift asking what the number for information was.
I got reprimanded for telling them 1-604-555-1212. The supervisor was listening, and the very next call was the same guy coming right back and getting me!

Back in the bad old days when evil unions and horrible Mr Trudeau said no, you can’t just lay off 300 guys and then hire back 300 new workers and pay them half as much.

More graphs.

First two graphs compare the visitors of this site with – HTMF is sticky, in that most of the visitors are returning to the site over and over (71 %), and don’t just stumble upon it while searching for something. gets most of its traffic from searches and links, not from returning visitors (about 8%).  

Would love to show you the graph comparing the ad revenue of the two sites, but it’s against the terms of service and I don’t have any recent ad data for HTMF.  But let’s just say that when I did compare the two sites in the past, did a lot better, despite it having less traffic.

Third graph is an OS/Browser graph of the last month or so for HTMF unique visits.