Htmf jamboree

We need some kind of htmf jamboree night. I’m thinking of something like having as many users as possible online for a couple of hours and posting like crazy on a few different threads.

That is the most depressing idea I’ve ever heard.



Nice avatar, I didn’t know that Robert Davi was the voice of Juan Cortez, I knew he sounded familiar when I watched that Heidi Fleiss movie.

Only if I get to get drunk beforehand.

Chris Isaak dude.

Chris Isaak is the king…least to me…

The Chris Isaak show is great with the naked lady on the spinning bed…ooo yeah

Anson rules all.

That’s the spirit!

Ok, when should this post-a-thon take place?

Tonight? Or would too many people be out doing stuff, on Friday night.

How about Sunday night at 7pm?

Great idea… I will be here, not sure if my brain is able to make it though. Either way, I’ll add some flavour to the evening :wink:


Sounds good. I may even have my new iMac by then. Sooooo #$#@ MAD. (Oh just got a call…should be getting it tonight). It’s a long story…I’ll post more later.

I will be there for about 45 min and then I’ll be back at around 10:00 if people are still posting.

I’m down

Ok, so it’s set for 7PM on Sunday evening. One hour only.

No rules, just maybe we should have some starter topics prepared or something.

The only rules are – nothing illegal, nothing that will get me in trouble, and um, the usual anti-flood time limit (one post every 30 seconds or so, maybe I’ll adjust it).

I’m thinking that some of us should meet at Cowpuccino’s and participate in person via wireless. What do you think?

Yeah, I’m borrowing an ibook for the weekend, so if it happens I’ll be there.

We should definitely do that… um… I should hook up the wireless webcam.