HTMF Hosting

Where is HTMF hosted? Does anyone know? A brief search of “htmf hosting” didn’t yield much for me, albeit I may have missed it. If so, I apologize.

I ask because it usually seems to load lightning fast with little - from what I can tell - downtime. I may want to switch from current hosting provider to whomever hosts this.

Anyone have an idea? MiG?

Many thanks in advance. :smile:

Where is HTMF hosted?[/quote]

The United Arab Emirates.

You told Eso…you know what that means??..50 smacks with a tuna!!  And we need to take your membership card away!

I suppose this is my answer, eh? heh :smile:

It’s running on a coal-fired server in my basement.  It does indeed have downtime, but that’s when we can’t shovel coal fast enough to keep up with the demand.  Whenever we have a lively topic (like the councilor fight, or the debate about what the seagulls say in Finding Nemo), then I often have to enlist the help of my neighbours to shovel more coal.

This process of shoveling coal to meet the demand is a data flow control method called “windowing”.  When the demand is high, we open the window and shovel more coal. 

. . But seriously in your basement? As in, you’re hosting it yourself?.. What would you charge someone for hosting, hypothetically?.. :smile:

Thanks in advance, of course!

I do host a bunch of stuff on my server, but none of it is for clients.  It’s all personal stuff.  For clients I host in the US, on a dedicated server.

I generally don’t host for people, though.  I do the package deal, where I do a website, maintain it, and host.  It’s all included in the price. 

If you’re interested, send me some e-mail.

Shame, shame! Buy Canadian…

Thanks, mate. The sites are:
(Pretty static and small (kb). No CMS)
(Expected to be a rather large, in userbase, site, in time)

And current host is:
(Their downtimes are maddening. No warnings on server upgrades, maintenance, nothing. Quite irritating.)

Any further thoughts? :smile:

Thanks everyone, for your replies. Appreciated. :smile:

i have a rock solid bsd box, 3 years without a reboot. i could host it for you but i think a better idea is build yer own server and ask greg if you can put it inside citytel sitting right on the pipe. that way even though our home speeds suck ass yer server will always have tons of bandwidth. use a ups yer all set. i can help ya setting up the server if you decide to go that way, and its nice to be able to get physical access to the server if ya need to.

While I do like this idea (I host my own websites), I think that if you’re hosting anything big (like, international big) or a business site, it’s a bad idea to host it in Prince Rupert, what with how often we get disconnected from the outside world.

e-mail me miguelb at the gmail dot com and I’ll fill you in on how I host things.

is there a good canadian host that allows me to resell and stuff?

we dont go down much do we? i think in order to keep their crtc license they have to have less than four hours per year? it might be even less than that, but just anybody cant do it, you do have to adhere to some quality of service rules. i know, i know, dont make you laugh :smiley: but its true. im not so sure when they dump us they are all down too, only when the pipe is physically damaged i think, the other times when usage is too high and their network becomes unstable i think they used to dump cards till it became stable again. now im pretty sure they are using some type of bandwidth allocation so as usage rises all users get throttled, greg denies it but i dont believe him  .                                                                                                   

It’s not that they have outages, it’s that landslides sever our fibre line to Terrace.

I used to use peer1 and another that is now Uniserve. Hell they’re both now part of uniserve.
Now I do my own. Never thought of setting things for reselling. I did setup a box with ISPconfig just to play with, it seems to do what C-Panel and Plesk do, kind of.

Trivia: they ran in my fiber today to the building. Did you know they’re hollow? Each fiber has a 10 micron hollow core? The default install is a 6 pair cable which could carry 256,000,000 simultaneous phone calls or 6- 2 Terabit datalinks?

pm me if you are serious :wink: