HST committee meets today

Hi all-

At 1 p.m. today, a special committee of the B.C. legislature will meet to decide whether to send the HST petition to the legislature for a vote, or to a provincewide referendum. We decided to ask some shoppers and businesses how the HST has affected them so far: muskegnews.com/north-coast-opinion-on-the-hst


-Muskeg News

Hello again -

We’ve posted a poll at the bottom of our HST story, so if you’d like to tell the world what you think of the tax, go here: muskegnews.com/north-coast-opinion-on-the-hst

The poll is at the bottom of the page.


-El Muskegero

First of all, I wish you guys all the best in your endeavours to add another news source to our community.

Second, while I am not a supporter of a tax shift from business to consumers, I am well aware that taxes will happen. Governments, depending on their philosophical and business viewpoint, will make decisions that they see will best work for their constituents. That’s how it’s worked for years and we have learned to live with that.

What we have here is a pretty blatant circumvention of the democrat process. If the tax had been discussed prior to the election and introduced and debated in the legislature, we could complain but there wouldn’t be a hell of lot we could. The democratic process was used.

But, this government, more and more, is coming across as a bunch of liars and schemers. We won’t sell BC Rail. We won’t rip up contracts. The deficit is less than 1/2 billion. The HST is not on our radar. Yet within days of an election where they had misread (misled) the actual budget deficit, they expect us to believe that the $1.6B “bribe” had not been known and discussed prior.

The Vander Zalm Socreds, the Mulroney Conservatives, and the Clark NDP were punished severely for arrogantly ignoring the public. Time to do the same.