HP 9800 Printer and Vista

I am kicking myself for this as I have, as a rule, that I don’t work on other peoples computers, period. But I have gotten roped into a printer problem that I don’t know how to fix.

Vista 64-bit edition. HP 9800 Deskjet. HP says the built in driver on Vista is good for this printer. Ok fine.

So I can print web pages from Explorer. I can print a demo page from the HP Tools for this printer. A Windows test page only prints out the Windows logo at the top of the page and that is it. Rest of the page is blank.

I can not print any docs from Notepad, Wordpad, OpenOffice or the demo version of Word on this new machine. The printer just spits out a blank page.

Any clue from the more windows/printer inclined on here?


My first thought is that it is a font problem – any setting related to downloadable fonts on the printer settings in Windows?  (ie: print fonts as graphics, etc).  Second thought is that your black ink cartridge is dry, but I’m sure you thought of that one already.

Amen.  Unless they’re paying an hourly rate.

It is a brand new printer that they purchased about 4 or 5 months ago but never used until they purchased this new vista machine 2 weeks ago.

I am working on this machine via VNC. Now one thing I did notice when I went there was that the writing around the windows logo on a test page was sort of gray. But the demo I printed out today (from remote) and had to rely on them to say if it printed ok or not, she did say there was black on the print out.

I was sort of wondering before if it was the black ink was out or something. I’m going to try to print some colour from Word and Openoffice and see if that works.

Even if they offered me an hourly rate, I still don’t work on other peoples computers. I have found in the past, you work on it once and fix it, you might as well own that computer.


You learn that lesson from Lucy :smile: LMAO OH SNAP!!!

Acutally no. I just learned a loooong time ago I don’t like to work on other peoples machines. I did sort of like it years ago, but not any more. On a personal level I don’t even like to take apart machines or build them anymore.

The last time I did anything hardware wise was to connect my radio scanner up to a machine so I could use a program called Shipplotter. Neat program and I’d still like to do that but I would have to dedicate my scanner to that. Until I find one I can mod for it I won’t bother.

Oh covered your ass there u did :smile: