How's everyone's speeds today Sept.18

How is it that some of you have way better connectin then others?? Better PC?

Boy yours smokes eh? How are getting over 600k I get 560 topped out and it was supposed to be the fastest I can get it, it went from 49 a month to 99 to get from 300 to 500, yet there is still better plans/speeds to be had? I am getting pissed off now it seems they keep lying to me

Heh. Well it’s not always like that, frankly. Many times it is like that, but the past weekend I was almost wholly without internet at all. shrugs

Did another one, just to compare with the other:

Stardog Champion’s results greatly disappoint me. I want to see 5 digit numbers to reinforce my Japanese stereotypes.

The entire speedtest site loads incredibly slow for me.

I continue to find it very odd that my download speeds are better from the Vancouver server than from the CityWest server. :confused:

Now tell me why Telus’ test site says I’m uploading at 9200 odd…

Jeeez what a surprise.  Still crappy. 

we are just a hoping with Full ADSL