How's everyone's speeds today Sept.18

I decided to download a redhat cd today, got 393megs of it in ten minutes, its steady at 540k, I am pretty damn happy with that, if it stays like this I am a happy customer. I am wondering if the outage the other night was them cutting us over to their new provider, I sure hope so, that will hopefully mean that the improvement is just that, and it will be permanent. :sunglasses:

I have an old 1.5 modem and I have been happy :smile:

how come mines always so slow?
am i doing somthing wrong?

4453 kbs from Vancouver    how do you post the test from speedtest ???

My up sucks as well.

Bandit, go to run the test, after it runs it creates a link for forums, just click copy, then paste into a post.

Mine wasn’t even worth posting… it’s still total sucky.

I tried the Vancouver server, and the CityWest server, and both had crappy pings, and super slow speeds.

No complaints here


Hmmm I try to copy it but it just shows settings- about adobe-and download to real player  Im using Vista

looks like everyone but us is loved smartass  :cry:

It would appear that the roadblock is between Citywest and the rest of the world, at least for my service.

LOL, clearly they’re saving space to sell for Rogers new set up in town, the front page of the snoozle tonight had a blurb on how they hope to have Rogers use the fibre link between Rupert and Terrace.  So I can only surmise that to get faster speeds we’ll all have to move over to Rogers then… everybody gets paid, everybody’s happy…

Wait… so by switching to Rogers, we’ll be supporting Citywest?  :confused:

Yeah that would make sense eh, only in Podunk!

Had to do it…