How To Choose A Cat

So you’ve decided to take that big step and become a first-time cat owner. Congratulations! Now that you’re ready to bring a cat into your home, you may find yourself overwhelmed by all of the cats available for adoption. Here are some helpful hints to consider when choosing a cat.

Gender: Personality-wise, you won’t find a particularly large difference between male cats and female cats, as long as they have been fixed. And of course, any cat you adopt should be fixed for health and behavior reasons anyway.

Pedigree: You may have seen a certain breed of cat that you just adored and would love to bring home. However, purebred cats are only recommended if you adopt them from a knowledgeable and responsible breeder. Otherwise, inbreeding and poor genetics could mean a host of health issues. There are plenty of wonderful mixed-breed domestic cats out there looking for a home, so don’t count them out!

This information is courtesy of Dr. Tripp Stewart.

Great info jazzzby :smiley: But I thought cats chose you!  Before you pursue a private kitty adoption, please remember our SPCA as we have some beautiful cats down there and some have been there for almost a year and would be a great addition to your family. They also foster cats so you can have the chance to see how well they fit into your home before you decide. Check out the website @ www.spca.bc/princerupert/  and the hours are now Wed. thru Sunday 1-5.  For whoever is looking out there, good luck :smile:

I have 3 kittens to give away.  There litter trained… there going to terrace tommorow

So if they are litter trained why you taking them to Terrace tomorrow ? I am sure someone with a caring heart here in town would love them , don’t make them into Terresites.