How much for that doggie on your front porch?

The City has finally come up with some guidelines for dog owners in the city, and pitbull owners and those of other more ah, energetic breeds will be held to a higher standard than the run of the mill mutt owner.

City council explored the new regulations which will come into effect after the next council meeting when the bylaw is given assent, with Councillor Thorkelson making note that it has suddenly become very expensive to be a dog owner, depending on the breed of dog that you wish to keep around the house.

Using the Pitbulls as an example, the new cost of licencing will be $150 a year for sterilized dogs and $200 for unsterilized dogs before March 1, pitbull owners will also be on the hook for some aesthetic changes to their homes, as they are now required to post signage warning the public of the animal’s presence, keep the animal muzzled and leashed at all times in public or off-leash areas, and must provide for an enclosed pen or six-foot high fence in their backyards…

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Good, 4 of the 6 councilors will be my dogs’ pet food.

Herb won’t be one of them not because he’s not in town, but because of his “Hollywood” body would actually poison my good doggies.

I’m not looking forward to having to license my dog.  I live in the country right now, so I don’t have to register.  It’s going to suck dishing out that extra money, but I guess that’s neither here nor there.  My dog’s pretty vicious though.  She might kiss you to death if you show her any affection.

so all the people in town who have pitbulls and amstaff’s will have to have a 6 foot fence in there back yard and also a sign waning people… alot of young people have those dogs and are renters… I can see an influx at the SPCA…

Well it’s about time!!! Yes it is costly!!, but  real dog lovers will pay for it!!! And limit the chances of damages,injuries,and death. I was a 3 strike believer,but after a dog I owned attacked other dogs,for the second time I had it put down.Just for the fact it got the taste of blood!! But that was me!!! And I have owned 7 dogs in my lifetime and only had to put down the one,as  it was a trust and safety issue. But how may people will do this,not many and not even after their dogs attacks others (Dogs or humans). unless we step in with charges or jail time!!! So if the acting mayor and other concillor will step-up and accept the responablity for the death of Dogs,cats,and the odd child then remove the by-law!!!..Like that will happen,the rules are there for our safety and safety alone…Thanks to the four that voted yes,and take the safety of all!!!first!!!

Wee-smack, are you telling me that you suck at owning/training dogs?

I should add you to the “to be kidnapped to death” list along with the 4 idiot councilors, and my you should see how my “trained to be deadly” doggies are “happy” to see you.

I don’t think it’s good to ban or treat one type of dog worse then another type of breed, all breeds of dogs can be dangerous.

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At least they’re not banning breeds.  I think this is a good compromise.

Well,I hope not!!! Just trying to make a point. That 1 out of 7 that I have owned as a kid,was a trouble dog!!! and after it became a repeat offener it was taken care of,as should ALL responsible owners,as to the fact!all of mine were German Sheppards.and had 4 at one time,with no problems! But, I plan to have more down the road! But as a Dog person, I also know it is easier and safe,to get other dogs after your kids are here,as they know their spot in the family,not saying it can’t be done ,but alot safer overall.As for you!!!You made your point!! not all people should own dogs! And by your statement, your the problem …Not the DOG!!!and it will cost you!!!..ha,ha,ha…

Well I guess gun control should be treated the same? no lic.,to own, as not all guns kill!!! some are for sport,targets etc.  But they are!!! handguns are more deadly to the public,than hunting guns…and they are treated that way!!!  yes it’s a person that pulls the trigger,but handgun are more restricted. As,should dangerous Breeds of dogs, as they kill more,with less attacks.
Overall the stats say a golden reteivers bites more, as its the most owned dog,but low - nil death rate!!Compared to pitbulls with way less attacks, and a way higher Injury/death rate…??????To own a truck in town I need,a lic., Insur,gas,maintance, etc. but it’s my choice to own!!!$2400 + plus a year.So why are you crying about $200…for your choice,to much $$$,  then get a poodle.Not a pitbull or dog like it!! (high risk)

Solution, dont register your pet.

You’re a fucking idiot.  Has anybody ever taken the time to tell you that?  Seriously.


I guess i’ll post a bit of content.  Not all people buy dogs to look tough or cool. Some people just prefer a certain breed of dog.  Oh and incase you weren’t aware of it your kid is in more danger of dying in a car crash with you than they are in a pitbull attack. Stop being such an alarmist.

I don’t care what breed they are… ALL dogs make me nervous when I see them off leash in public. Especially when I’m with my son. When my Lab was alive he was never off leash in public. Not because he was dangerous, but out of respect for other people who had no idea if he was or not.

Is there an off leash park in Rupert?  We only let our dog off leash in designated areas in our town. 

I don’t think Waterfront Park is a suitable place for dogs to be off leash b/c there are lots of families there with children playing and running around as well as many tourists.  Prince Rupert needs to “BUILD” a park specifically for dogs and their owners to enjoy…one which has a fence around it and is clearly marked “DOG PARK”.  I have been at Waterfront many times where an off-leash dog has run up to my child and scared the living you know what out of them b/c they have been bitten by a dog before.  Not to mention my children have stepped in dog crap many times down there b/c people don’t care and let them go on the grass there.  I wish dog owners would realize that not everyone loves dogs and not everyone likes a loose dog running up to them, jumping on them and touching their slobbering faces  to their clothes.  A dog on a leash with an owner who picks up after them = good dog owner. 

All the off leash areas around here have garbage cans and special bio-degradable plastic bags for you to pick up the poop.  Most people are pretty good about it.

At the one park, it’s just like an open field.  Sometimes, you can see that your dog is pooping,b ut by the time you get close enough, sometimes you can’t find it!  In those cases, the unsaid rule is to find some poo, any poo and clean it up.  It keeps the park pretty clean.  Of course, no kids or anything play in there, so it’s not a huge deal for a few land mines to be here and there.

The problem here is space, and the willingness to dedicate it solely to dogs. The land in Prince Rupert is much too scarce and as such much to valuable to make any of it a Dog Park. I think overall if ALL the owners were more respecrful and responsible this would not be an issue here, there are, unfortunately a few owners who are making it very difficult for everybody to own a dog in Prince Rupert.

bullshit, there is a lot of land that can be used, take out one the micro forest, that dot the city, and build one there, its still city land. or better yet make some use out of the old landfill site, don’t need that much it borders with the golf course. lay down some soil plant some grass put up a fence. what you think is going to happen there over the next 100 years nothing.

I think if we put our heads together we can find a solution but to say the land is to valuable well its just to greedy, we all belong to this city and our pets should have a place … :smiley:

Well, why not use, as a dog park,the school field, after seal cove closes. it perfect two ways to access,and furthest away from the kids playground area, of the 3 closing. and dogs /gen.public don’t cross!!! sand ,is better for all type’s of Dodo,and will weathers better ,and it has a natural tree boundery.  you can spead a little seed  as you go with the sand base, the mud thing will not be a big problem.

Wow, you guys are coming up with some good ideas!  So, how about we make it happen?  I, of course, don’t live there yet, so I can’t do much, but maybe you guys could start, then once I’m there, I’ll join in!