How many Humps are in your M

Does anyone even remember how to handwrite?
Ive tried but I cant anymore.  Do they still teach it?
I think its stupid.

I use to handwrite my signature, now its just a scribble.

When I was little I thought the Bank of Canada guy actually hand signed all the dollar bills. That would have been the coolest job.

Handwriting is totally lame.  I think the person who invented it was just drunk.  As for me, my signature is printing all scribbled together.  If I do it right it looks kinda cool.  As for people always handwriting their signature, there’s a guy that works at a copperside store here in Terrace and when i deliver to them he always handwrites his name but he must be handwrittenly-retarded or something because it’s pretty shitty, and it makes me realize that until you hit 16 years old most kids always just handwrite their name as their signature.\

Two bumps in my M.

I almost never handwrite anything now except shopping lists, and can hardly read them myself when I do.

I don’t think I’ve written anyone a letter (literally written) in over 20 years.

As for humps in an M well, if it doesn’t have 2, I don’t think it’s an M anymore.

i write in caps…as in everything…even my signature, which puzzles the people at the bank sometimes.


(my m’s are pointy…so i guess i dont have any humps)