How long till I get flamed for this one

I road down to Extra to get more candles for my sons B-day cake, party was tonight, I was in only for 2-3 minutes, but it was enough for someone to scoop my bike,
before I get flamed for it, my kids  were playing with my lock/keys and  I couldnt find them in time, I had to leave and get the candles, you know how it is, kids were waiting, crying, running around on suger rushes. Ive been good about locking up my bikes since my old posts. I havent had a bike stolen since. Im sorry to bug you guys with this post, but I just have to get the word out, as Ive a special place in my heart for this bike, and while I can just try to buy another, Id kinda really like this one back.
The security guard at mall saw the guy take it, said he was 5’7" - 5’8", wearing a black hoodie, heading down 1st ave. was about 5:40pm, what was ironic was the police officer I talked to said he passed the guy riding out of the parking lot on his way in, (officer had just finished responding to different call)

The bike is a 1999 GT Mach One bmx, black front fade to bright green, Pads on bars, neck, frame say Tangent. Bars/grips/cable/pedals/brakes/tires are black, seat is black with grey center stripe. Its the only one Ive seen in town, and only other Ive seen is on BMXmuseum. Large GT stickers on it.

Sounds like it would be easily recognizable, nice bike.  Sorry to hear about the theft and I hope you get it back in good condition as it seems some individuals just get their jollies trashing other peoples belongings.  Good luck and keep us posted!

thank you CB! will do.

also when I was looking for my bike tonight, I bumped into someone else looking for theirs, i dont have a pic, but I do have a rough discription, please keep your eyes out for this one, stolen during break n enter, its the guys childhood bike.

Norco Spitfire Bmx:
chrome frame, possibly still has Norco Spitfire decals,
Black tires, Blue everything else

I don’t know where you were when I was getting attacked (first by a dog, and second by several people on this board) for trying to return an abandoned bike to its owner, I’ll tell you now that you might be outta luck, trying to find this one. :angry: 'Cause I know I, for sure, won’t be trying to help anyone find their bike ever again.

The HTMF members don’t attack anyone on here do “they”? I can’t speak for the dog but we just post our opinions :unamused:  Anyway, if anyone should, though probably won’t ,see either of these missing bikes, would be nice to know one of us would attempt to contact the owner(s) with any info. It is getting ridiculous in this town the number of petty thefts occurring but that is a whole other Jerry Springer show :angry:

An opinion is one thing, calling someone down is another.

Which always happens on here, so yes, “they” do attack.

Actually what is rediculas is this same guy whining about his stolen bikes, the rest of the world uses a bike lock and that doesnt happen to them, but this simple concept of locking something to prevent its theft seems to escape this guy, to the point he actually had to be told “try buying a lock” as he couldnt think of that himself. Of course spelling out the obvious to him is considered “picking on him” :unamused:. the only thing thats makes any sense is the same comments that he recieved the last three times he snivelled about the same thing, “buy a lock, they are cheap, nd use it!”. He expects the general public to conform with his ideals of honesty and respect of others property, its a foolish and unrealistic expectation, period. Buy a lock or STFU, enough of your petty whining.

We never flamed you, we became impatient with you because you refused to lock up the bikes for some reason or another. Sorry to hear you couldn’t find your locks in time for this trip, though.

Very sorry to hear that DD. The cynics might suggest that you should lock your bike up but that isn’t the point, really.
The little cretins who are stealing your bikes are the ones to blame.
Plus, where do they sell these bikes? Is there a proper market for stolen bikes?
If I see it I’ll let you or the police know. 

LOL, I was trying to be sincere. You said you’ve been locking them up lately, and you haven’t had any stolen in a while–that’s awesome. You said you couldn’t find your locks and keys because the kids were playing with them–that sucks. I’m on your side here, pal… don’t know why you’re so quick to tell people to ‘f off’.

I bet your bike is painted pink by now.

Did I not drive by your place and see about 13 bikes laid out on the grass, unlocked and un attended?

So then if your car gets stolen because you didn’t lock the doors, is it the fault of the car thief?  Partly yes - but the majority of that would be because your dumb ass didn’t lock the damn car.  Why is this such a difficult thing for people to understand?  Yes, even I believe that it would be fantabulous if we all lived in a utopian society where nobody stole anything from anyone else, but we don’t.  Shit happens.  Lock up your shit or you have no right to whine about them going bye bye.  :unamused:

    Pretty Harsh, don’t you think? This thread all started because DD wanted a little assist maybe locating his stolen property and probably to vent a little. We all make some quick decisions , maybe not thinking ahead at the what if’s. We are not expecting some utopian society, we are hoping for a little less bullshit from some dumbasses in this town that have no respect for anything or anyone and YES, I know, way too much to ask  :imp:

Yes.  Some of the replies are a little harsh.  However, I can understand why some HTMF members are feeling a bit exasperated about this situation.  I think this is the second or third thread started by DD where he has reported a stolen bike (I’ve lost count).  When HTMF members inquire if locks were used to protect the bikes then DD replies angrily.
Honestly, DD, I hope that you recover your stolen property. 

You bet it’s harsh - that was part of my point.  While I genuinely hope DD finds the stolen property or has it returned, I am getting tired of him ‘crying wolf’.  And yes, I know that he hasn’t made a post regarding stolen bikes in a few months now (not including this one, obviously) but some of the responses to previous threads by DD is still fresh in our minds.

Since you didn’t join this forum until January 15, 2009 then you clearly missed a lot of the ‘issues’ of the past (unless of course you have gone through previous posts?).  Here, I invite you to ‘catch up’:

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And now for a little comic relief to get everyone smiling this morning:

Well, this might help you next time DD. … su_video_2

Thank you Kaleid for informing me of the past posts but I actually was only away from this forum for the past year as I was waiting for a new computer but signed in as a guest to catch up on occasion. I had a different “name” prior to this one and I believe I have been a “poster” since 2007 or earlier. Maybe we crossed paths before :smiley:  I just feel sorry for the guy or anyone who has gone through this kind of thing  !!