How is the north?

so i left the rupe in may to seek fame and fortune and thought i’d never want to go back.  instead, i took a job with a bunch of nazis, and have left running like a cat with his tail on fire.  how is the port up that way?  is the work force picking up?  being back in Calgary sucks, everything costs so much and the cheapest place to rent is like 9 hun a month for one room.  anyways, if the job situation is good, holler at me, if it sucks and you want to tell me off, i’m game for that too.  hope y’all had a good holidays…mine sucked.  here is to 07

Come on back… the radio and Rain misses you.

you know i never thought i’d say this, but I do miss rupert.  Brian at Rain has told me i’ve got a job if i want one, i’d just like to have something else so i’m making decent coin between the two.  damn you rupert for making a guy miss you!  you are all a bunch of crazy bastards, like none other i’ve met.