How do you think this photo was created?

and before you ask i must say that this photo is absolutely untouched and has been only resized in photoshop, otherwise it’s straight out of the camera.

Did you take this photo… if not, where did you find it?

The EXIF data says Digital Rebel, F/29 on bulb (open shutter for a long time!) … wait maybe I was reading it wrong – maybe it’s one second?

So my guess is a dark room with a laser pointer or some light source that moved with geometric patterns.


They look too symmetrical to be done by hand. Not sure how though.

Nope, found it on another photo post website. Looks like a slinky to me.
Any thoughts (Smartass)?


It looks like a pendulum with a light on it shot from underneath looking up.

Not to mention that it was first spun around quite fast and then gradually slowed down.

yep thats it its a point light source suspended on a wire or string and set in an elliptical path that eventually converges to where the wire is again straight down. the shutter didnt let it get right back to vertical again though.

my dad has a shot that is a lot like that.